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  1. OK, Guess you did a re-install? The tray icon is no longer a beetle but is now a spider? (brown beetle originally) The former desktop icon was the spy with the sunglasses that has the line going through it. What has changed? Color scheme or something?
  2. Thanks robinb 9 I really don't know what Seth was saying several posts above. Have a look.
  3. Hi Boofo, Yes I rebooted right after the installation from the auto-updater. If you didn't get the pop-up notification you can get the update by first right clicking on the bug icon that appears in the system tray and select "check for updates" and let it do it's thing, It will install over your present program and handle the whole process. There is no need to do a fresh install as it will save your settings as it is designed to do. The only thing I didn't get was the new desktop icon and the new tray icon. I have a feeling this only comes with a fresh install. My program updated to the new version as it should with the method I outlined above. If you haven't updated your definitions yet today,(the new ones are 3645/1628), it will first update those, then you will receive the pop up notification that there is a program update available. Be Well
  4. Seth, Did you do a fresh install? I got my update through the auto-updater and saw no change in either the desk top or tray icons. Thanks
  5. When an item is blocked, I think it is put on the blocked list. Can you then just clear it from the blocked list? Also, should you run a scan at that point? Thanks
  6. OK Thanks Nick, I see there will be only the normal auto scanning that always takes place. BTW how long after the system is up and running does it take for the background scanning to begin? Do I fully understand your reply? OR........... Are you talking about in General And Start Up where in the right hand column where it says "Start Up Scanning" where it is disabled by default? It gives options of Quick Scan", "Complete Scan", "Custom Scan" Do I have it?
  7. Even without First Chance Prevention enabled, is there any scanning during boot up and shutdown? Would be interested in knowing. Thanks
  8. OK thanks for clearing that up for me Nick
  9. Hello everyone, I'm wondering how to send a false positive report from within the program. It would seem this would be done while in quarantine. However, I only see two grayed out options listed as "Restore" and "Remove" In the event that SAS detects something and moves it to quarantine,woluld the send report option become visible? Thanks
  10. Seth, Forget it! I see I was referencing an old post from last November. Sorry about that REALLY! I wasn't paying attention, this is probably an SAS first!
  11. Sorry char971, I meant to respond to Seth's post. Seth, I think you know what you're doing so I suppose you have your reasons for running 3.9 and the old definitions. I would be interested in knowing what your strategy is.
  12. Hi char971, What I noticed is that your definitions 3351 (core) and 1351 (trace) are ancient. Current definitions are 3432 / 1424 You might also like tto upgrade the program itself to version 4.01154 as the new one is significantly superior to V3.9. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi all, Really do not want to be redundant here BUT I have to ask this question: Using 3.9 during a complete scan the running time was 2hrs 4min which reported 38,115 files scanned Version 4.0.1154 is showing 17,987 files scanned at 41 minutes! This is far greater than a 50% reduction in scanning time. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy with this as I will now scan more often. Does this great a reduction fall within the constraints of normality? I sure hope so as this is really quite fantastic! Thanks!
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