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  1. hi i have a new computer what link am i going to use to download pro i have a 64 bit windows seven system also from the forums i am seeing version 4.48 will this be what i see after i install because on the download page i see only v4 38. 1004 thats why i am writing also after install do i need to uninstalled and reinstall or not its a new computer has not had pro in it yet i have been waiting for the release of 64 bit thanks
  2. thanks superantispyware i am all set up now on both machines paid for it after your answer i needed a replacement for spysweeper and have been reading forums about your product and was very happy with your free version that i wanted to have your paid version been reading lots of pos about it thanks for everything and everyone have a great hoiladay
  3. hi all i was wondering i have two computers and i want to buy the pro version when getting it i understand that i need to purchase Additional Copy but do i need to purchase a second LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION or is one good for both thanks ps i notice after reading more i see that nick saids one lifetime will do for the two machines for someone else that ask that if you could anwser and tell me if i would get the same deal i would like to buy after getting anwser thanks
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