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  1. in right corner near clock in toolbar i click on it says must run as administor i do that and theres no option 427.1002 vista
  2. been several hrs i hope here soon
  3. thank you i did recieve an email from them asking for my registration number i supplied it and waiting on responce thank you again
  4. i have a paid subscription and i had it on a computer that died. went to install it on new and got a message its been installed to many times. i did what it said to do and tried to transfer license and it gave me an error saying something happened contact support vista 64 premium
  5. so far so good when i 1st uninstalled got a bsofd glad wasnt fatal
  6. professional in fast scan still over 1 hr and still on memmory xp home sp 2 fully updated
  7. mark5019


    well my computer blue screened so total wipe out after reinstalling your program it now closes drastic fix huh:) just wanted to let you know wasnt caused buy your program
  8. mark5019


    We tested here on a scheduled scan and the UI stayed hidden. I am not sure why yours is showing when the scheduled scan runs. Are you clicking the icon while it is scanning? nope i let it run and when it finished i had to manually close it . it never used to stay showing
  9. mark5019


    i reschedualed time for scan and it showed?
  10. mark5019


    ok i have checked dont show user interface and srted a scan and it showed?
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