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  1. Hello again. I have a downloaded SAS Pro trial that is about to expire. Can anyone tell me what happens after the trial expires and I do not choose to purchase it? I am leaning towards SAS as one of my paid anti-spyware programs but I still want to trial some others and am not yet ready to purchase. Q1: Does the software just stop working altogether or does it "revert" to the "free" edition? Q2: If the answer to question 1 is that it DOES revert to the free edition, then will I get an option in that edition to upgrade back to Pro if I decide SAS Pro is the software I wish to purchase. Many thanks imaginos
  2. Thanks, friend, I appreciate the information. I believe I will wait until your next production build before pursuing purchase. I can tell you that I am very impressed by what I've seen during the trial. Straightforward and no BS from your forum or anywhere else. It is unfortunate that the trial I have going right now will run out before you will probably have the code deployed that is necessary to allow limited users full range. This will mean I cannot run the real-time monitor on limited accounts before buying. Keep up the good work and please ensure that when you do deploy the build with the limited users able to use real-time monitoring that you put that in your release notes. It will be a big release for folks like me that are holding back because of it. Thanks, imaginos
  3. Hello all! After looking for a SAS forum (I hadn't run across this one yet) I just posted a question on Castlecops regarding why SAS told me to reboot my machine after finding cookies (according to a poster over there it should not have). I'm running the free edition as a trial right now. At the risk of duplicating someone's effort to answer me, I'll wait for an answer over at that forum. I now will post future questions here since this seems to be THE forum for SAS! Okay, so I have another question - will SuperAntiSpyware Professional and its real time monitor work with limited accounts? I insist that my wife do most of her surfing on her limited account I set up for (and I have my own limited account as well for surfing/email purposes). As I explained in my other post on Castlecops, I'm seriously thinking of replacing my current paid Spy Sweeper software with SAS, but only if it will work with limited accounts. Spy Sweeper, Ad Aware, Ewido - they all do just fine. Will SuperAntiSpyware? I think I read on some forum it would ONLY WORK ON ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT. Is this true? If so, that's a deal killer for me. Edit: I may have answered my own question. I just uninstalled the free SAS version and installed the trial version of Pro. On Admin account it runs fine (real-time monitor works and all), but when running on a limited user account the Pro won't let me run real-time (I get the free version message wanting me to upgrade). Is this an anomaly or will SAS Pro simply not run on limited accounts with real-time monitor? Please let me know, and thanks in advance for this forum. The support for this product has further impressed me and encouraged me to consider it for Spy Sweeper replacement. Edit: Another question if you will allow: Does SAS quarantine ALL items deleted (including cookies) or just major suspicious files? I ask this because when SAS found the cookies (that I mention in my Castlecop post) it deleted them, but it didn't quarantine them. Any ideas? Thanks! imaginos
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