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  1. Yes, I know. I did check the latest update version at SAS. What I am saying is, SAS will actually physically update the same download, ie; "Database Version 3822 - 03-31-2009" every time you hit the "Check for Updates" tab. I am stuck at trace 1776
  2. Core 3822 downloads every time I click the "Check for Updates" tab. Nine times in a row. Reboot, same thing. This happened under SAS Pro 4.25.1014. I then checked for programs updates, found one, and updated to program version 4.26.1000. More multiple core 3822 downloads. My wife's computer is doing the same 3822 behavior.
  3. Superantispy : Any news on the possible False Positives situation? I would like to stay on top of this, as I oversee quite a few Family and Friends computers. I am always the first to update Programs on my two computers; before I advise F&F to update, I generally wait a couple of weeks. btw: Since my original possible problem, I've run numerous scans using SAS version 4.25.1012 (at present, I am at Core 3734 and Trace 1703) , and I have not had any unlikely files identified as malware.
  4. Thank You. I have both files in SAS quarantine, where they will stay until I hear from you.
  5. this afternoon, SAS found and quarantined the following - Adware.Vundo/Variant-MSFake C:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT WORKS\LNCHTOUR.EXE I am wondering if this really is a Trojan, or a False Positive? I just rebooted (dell mini 9, XP Home) and as always I clicked the SAS Update button. It did download a new Update, and I then scanned again. Jackpot, another Vundo/Variant. here's the Log if it helps any. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 01/22/2009 at 12:50 PM Application Version : 4.25.1012 Core Rules Database Version : 3722 Trace Rules Database Version: 1696 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 00:20:47 Memory items scanned : 375 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 4186 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 10894 File threats detected : 1 Adware.Vundo/Variant-MSFake C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{3DDB9746-F6E5-42F3-AF98-CCEEC78C2E8C}\RP13\A0007601.EXE
  6. Super Admin : I thought it must be something on that order, but I really wasn't sure. Thanks for the explaination.
  7. when I first started using SAS (probably 1 1/2 - 2 years ago, I do not remember the version), a SAS scan would total 30,000 some files. I think it was back in dec. 2006, I upgraded to a new version, and the files scanned were 1/2 to 1/3 of the normal files scanned (13,00 - 15,000). SAS helped me try to figure out what was going on, eventually I upgraded to SAS Pro, whatever version # was running in Dec. of 2006. My files scanned went back up to 30,000 +. Was the version of SAS Pro last year 3.9.1008 ? If my aniti-virus (NOD32) scans 240,000 files, why does SAS only scan some 22,000 inlcuding memory and registry?
  8. Had you ever installed a 4.0 version prior to 1154? No, I did not. I just found out about the new version 4 this morning
  9. I downloaded 4.0.1154. I used the Check for Updates Now within the SAS Control Center. I then clicked on the SAS update that popped up near the system tray. My SAS version before the download was 3.9.1008. I'm back to 3.9.1008, as I did an Acronis True Image Restore from two days ago.
  10. All right, I didn't ever see the thread about there being a bug in 3.9.108 that incorrectly counted files scanned. I downloaded. and then ran 4.0 and saw that less than 1/2 the normal # of files were scanned w/ 4.0. I came to the forum, and saw two other people had the same problem. Well, I figured I would uninstall of 4.0, and then do a fresh install. I used "Add/Remove" programs to do an uninstall of 4.0; At one point I was asked fi I wished to keep/delete the logs/quarantine, so I said ok to remove the old data. At that point I received the BSOD. I rebooted, and tried again, same results. I did not try to uninstall, and keep the old logs/quarantine. Any idea what either wnt wrong, or what I did wrong?
  11. I just updated to version 4, and I also noticed that on two computers SAS Pro is scanning approx. half the usual # of Files.
  12. my scan with the new 3.7.1018 version ran about a minute slower than "normal". Thats with no other apps running. I figured that improvements in the software might make it take a bit more time to run, which is not problem for me.
  13. I have wondered about the OPs question before. I have Nod32 AV, Comodo Firewall, Adaware SE Personal, Spybot, Spywareguard, Spywarblaster, and SAS. I have recently been reading about Boclean. I do not know if I am well covered by antivirus and antispyware apps, or just plain buried. Your advice will be well recieved.
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