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  1. Hi, I use AVIRA free.This AV found a trojan in SAS TR/Spy.Spatet.BC inSuperantispyware.exe This never happened before Any clue on how to get rid of this problem? My apologies if I posted in the wrong forum and feel free to move this thread if necessary TIA Claire
  2. Oops must have been blind You're an angel h2eau.This version works flawlessly on my old system Many thanks indeed
  3. Thanks but if I am not mistaken no download is available for previous version there.Just technical data available
  4. Also using Win98.Where can I download the previous version of SAS?
  5. Thanks a lot for your quick answer and for the new version
  6. Hi, May I install the new version on top of the previous one? TIA
  7. Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked before but are some localized versions of SAS to be expected in a near future? Have a great day
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