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  1. It was the full version as you guessed. SAS looked into the matter, reported it to be a false positive, already taken care of in the latest update. I ran SAS again after that and, yes, that was over. Therefore, since the matter is solved (and in fact had been solved shortly before I posted), I believe it is not necessary to copy these files here. Not now, HOURS after the matter has been solved (which is due to the time zone differences: I use to sleep a few hours a night). Anyway, thanks a lot both for the clear answer and the interest and for the speed as well.
  2. No, it actually was http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=228&lc=es&cc=es&dlc=es&product=304535〈=es Which is actually the same but in Spanish
  3. SAS has discovered the TROJAN.GROMOZON-INSTALLER embedded into the software for an hp deskjet 3650 printer. This has been downloaded straight from the hp downloads site (due to a reinstallation of the xpPro sp2). Certainly, the software gets inoperative if I throw all 5 reported files into quarantine and restoring them makes the programs operative again. And this is the question: Coming straight fron the hp site, is this a false positive? have hp been infected and unaware of it?.
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