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    SAS and everything related BLOCKED!

    I'm gonna try right now. Thanks again!!!
  2. Hi guys, something really weird has happened to my machine. SAS is not working anymore, at all! - If I launch the SAS.exe, nothing happens - same thing if I try to launch the INSTALLER file back again (after unistalling obviously) - same if try to reach the WWW.SUPERANTISPYWARE.COM web site: I am immediately redirected to the MSNAUTOSEARCH site, like if I were looking for an unexistent web page! Looks like everithing contains the SUPERANTISPYWARE word is blocked on my machine. From a different machine, with the same DSL connection, everything works fine. Tried to check firewall or blocked web site, but all the settings looks fine. Any idea? Thanks Filippo
  3. thecure23

    SAS and everything related BLOCKED!

    >Have you tried renaming the principle SAS executable >SUPERAntiSpyware.exe to say qwerty.exe to see if it runs? Yes, it runs!!! How can I get rid of this problem? How can I access the SAS web site back again? Thanks a million!