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  1. >Have you tried renaming the principle SAS executable >SUPERAntiSpyware.exe to say qwerty.exe to see if it runs? Yes, it runs!!! How can I get rid of this problem? How can I access the SAS web site back again? Thanks a million!
  2. Hi guys, something really weird has happened to my machine. SAS is not working anymore, at all! - If I launch the SAS.exe, nothing happens - same thing if I try to launch the INSTALLER file back again (after unistalling obviously) - same if try to reach the WWW.SUPERANTISPYWARE.COM web site: I am immediately redirected to the MSNAUTOSEARCH site, like if I were looking for an unexistent web page! Looks like everithing contains the SUPERANTISPYWARE word is blocked on my machine. From a different machine, with the same DSL connection, everything works fine. Tried to check firewall or blocked web site, but all the settings looks fine. Any idea? Thanks Filippo
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