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  1. Due to multiple alerts from "Avira" & repeated "Avira" attacks on SAS, SAS had to be uninstalled till SAS & Avira can play nice. Thanks Rico
  2. Rico123


    Hello, Thank you for the response! Further investigation leads me to believe this is/was an "FP" Exploring the backup drive (ext hdd, Acronis back=ups) shows: c:\windows\system 32\GKSUI18.exe 72kb 72kb x 1024 = 73,728 bytes. From Prevx I found: http://spywarefiles.prevx.com/ssBFDF148315/GKSUmore.html Also from Prevx: It seems known Trojan size = 69,632 bytes which does not equal 72kb Where I'm not sure is: % signs surrounding a folder (see url above) Who does this exe file belong to? Not 100% sure I should restore it from Acronis Do you have a database to ID threats? I just googled & chose 1st match < why I referenced Prevx > Thanks Rick
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    Hello, Today SAS found c:\windows\system32\GKSUI18.exe SAS was successful at removing then required a reboot & was then in quarantine. I then selected remove from quarantine. re-scanned with SAS & all was clean Question - My external hdd, which has Acronis 10 backed up files on it. Can SAS get into the compressed Acronis files for a good scan? I tried doing it, it lasted only seconds on G:\ then SAS said G:\$secure$SDS is this a failed scan? Regarding the removed GKSUI18.exe - I really did not notice any adverse effects on the infected machine, how would this malware been executed? From SAS Log: Thank You Rick
  4. Hi Guys, I'm using FF.
  5. Hi, Does SAS 4.15 when active in system tray prevent 'tracking cookies', from getting on the drive? Thanks Rico
  6. Hi Nick. Thanks all is well now I checked the ver it was 4.1.1046 updated to 4.15 all is perfect. Thanks again! Rico
  7. Hi, I updated to your most recent version of SAS & everything is fine until it gets to: D:\mozilla\firefox\z0qy6vfl.default\compreg.dat after 2+ hours it fails to advance. Also SAS will not terminate, or allow the program to be closed. To close while stuck on the above file I have to use task mgr. Previous version scanned OK. Thanks Rick
  8. Hi Nick, Thank You! Both your products are Super Duper!!!
  9. Hello, What's the difference between 'real time protection' SuperAdBlock & SuperAntiSpyware, if any? Thanks Rico
  10. Hi, What difference is there between "Real Time Protection" in SuperAntiSpyware & SuperAdblocker? From windows task mgr.. I see SuperAd = 32,000K SAS = 42,000K So, with SAS starting with windows & real time protection on, & SAD starting with windows, and no real time protection. I use 74,000K With real time protection on from SAD I noticed on 32,000K useage. So if SAD's real time protection is equal to SAS, I can save 42,000K by not having SAS start with windows. Next - SAS 3.4 > 3.5 were improvements made to real time protection? I've noticed a bit of a slowdown, on some tasks, & am looking to conserve memory useage. Thanks & Take Care Rico I just noticed that SAD uses SAS personal not PRO, so in SAS 3.5 is there any diff btwn personal & pro real time protection?
  11. Hello, Thank You! Also your products are GREAT!!!! Take Care Rico
  12. Hi, I bought the bundle SAS & SuperADD, does it matter which one gets enabled for real time protection? When I click 'scan now' in Super ADD, it brings up a different version of SAS ver 4.2.1012. When I click SAS it shows ver. 3.4.1000 Currently in my tray is SuperADD with real-time enabled, & get updates enabled. Should I change this? Thanks & Take Care Rico
  13. Hello SiteAdmin, Thank You for the excellent reply! The Wilders post (metioned) gives the impression that they are like AVcomparatives.org. Live & learn! SAS will soon join SuperAD in my system tray! Also your SuperAD is wonderful!! Thanks & Take Care rico
  14. Hello Nosirrah, You've been of great assistance to me at CastleCops. Thank You!!! My previous post, asks the questions: 1. Is there a mutally respected AS testing org? I use AVcomparatives.org as an example, as respected organization. Do you agree? 2. Your comments about SpySweeper, which version are you talking about? The SS forum at CastleCops, seems to note considerable improvement in mem useage, for SS. I for one have not re-installed SS since ver 5.0. 3. Regarding Symantec NIS. Norton products went south on the user, when Symantec bought Norton. I will not allow any Symantec products on this, or any future machines. I mentioned NIS previously as that's how malware-test.com's, results ended on the elventh round of testing, which was supposed to be real -world test. 4. You fail to mention your thoughts about AVG/AS are you familiar withthis product? Seeing as how this thread is rangeing all over, what's your opinion of Comodo Firewall? Thanks & Take Care rico ps Like I've said previously, I like SAS, also I have two licenses for same + one for SuperAD.
  15. Hi Fatdcuk, Okay! You disagree with the methodology used by malware-test.com, or are not familiar with their testing procedures. Fair enough! Is there an independent (no company affiliation) testing organization, that all/most anti-malware vendors can agree on for fair results. I believe many AV vendors would call AVcomparatives.org fair. Anything along those lines for AS's? I have 3 what I feel top notch AS's (licensed) & one gets to be resident. The three AS's are: SAS, SpySweeper, AVG/AS. Two will join TrojanHunter as on demand scanners. Ewido now AVG/AS is/was primarly known for trojans, and is new to AS world, plus being bought out by AVG. Presently resident! SpySweeper has many accolades & champions, this was my long time resident AS, but ver 5.0 was rushed to market & caused way too many problems. Removed from my machine, & toying with the idea of re-installing 5.2x SAS - Many forums speak highly of SAS, but wheres the independant triumphs. Walt Mossberg Wall St Journal, has talked up recommended SpySweeper for years. My other resident malware fighters include Process Guard, RegDefend & NOD32, so I'm pretty well protected & I need to choose btwn the three, light weight is important. Geez! SpySweeper 5 sucked up way too much mem. Anyway I do like SAS & also purchased SuperAD. Take Care rico
  16. Hello, How does SAS respnd to or exlain: According to "malware-test.com/antispyware.html" testing the best antispyware testing is: #1 Sunbelt CounterSpy #2 PDTools SpywareDoctor #3 Norton Internet Security Also see: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=153759 post #18. Does SUPERAntiSpyware have or can you reference claims to dispute? Also very disappointing results for Webroot & AVG! Take Care rico
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