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  1. I certainly do appreciate your responses and personal attention to my questions and suggestions. Keep up the good work and I hope the very best for SAS sostware. I will keep on using it on my personal use PC's and of course on my work where I have faster connections. I did send a request via the software to check for some files unfamiliar to SAS. I'm still waiting on the response. On the other hand I have been using the free version as I mentioned before and am glad about the future features you'll be having for SAS. Will these features be available on the free version or only on the paid version? Do you have an online or printed listing of spyware/malware that SAS detects/blocks/quarantines/eliminates? Thank you again for your prompt replies. I'll be looking forward to improvements on SAS.
  2. Ok. I think we're geting closer. I know what you mean and am aware of this way of trusting/allowing certain items after the fact of them being detected. Could you have the listing of the malware detected before it is actually detected? You are familiar with Spybot S&D and Spywareblaster aren't you? http://www.safer-networking.org/ http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html Attached are the links if needed.
  3. I have been able to see the referred logs already. What I meant was to be able to checkout the spyware-malware-adaware that SAS blocks. You know like Spywareblaster and Spybot S&D show, so that you can enable or disable protection in case a certain malware is needed. Any ideas or plans to have this feature added in the near future? If not I would consider it a sugestion then... Thanks.
  4. I think it would be a good idea to let us at least view the blocked spyware in the free personal version of SAS.
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