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  1. Thanks for the feedback PTD! What are some of your biggest issues with Win 10, guys?
  2. Thanks for the great feedback, GS!
  3. Just curious how many of you have installed the Creators Update and what your thoughts are. I've installed it on two PCs and I haven't had any issues yet.
  4. Hi Mathias, Our malware research team has received your request and your case is under review. You should expect to hear back from us by tomorrow morning. Monday Jan 09 PST. Thanks, Geoff
  5. Hi bluedeblue, Good question. Some of the feedback shown by the scanning progress in SAS does indeed show items that the scanner is looking for. It depends on the internal type of malware definition SAS uses. Anyway, your assessment is correct and there is nothing to be concerned about. Thanks, Geoff
  6. Hi Everybody, We are mostly done with the changes and upgrades started on the 9th of November. Thanks so much for your patience If you are still having problems resolving the website or any other technical concerns, please reach out to a staff member on the forum. Thanks, Geoff
  7. Hi All, Our Operations Team is planning a much needed website hardware and software upgrade on Tuesday, 11/08/2016, starting at 9PM PST. That's right - Election Day! It is expected to last at least a few hours. During that time the website, this forum, and the shopping cart will be largely unavailable. Thanks for your patience, folks! We'll keep you posted if anything changes. Regards, Geoff EDIT: We're moving the migration to Wednesday, 11/09/2016, starting at 9PM PST.
  8. FYI, I am relatively certain that we're getting an upgrade to the forum software in the near future. Stay tuned!
  9. Hi GS, Great question. Like many software products, SUPERAntiSpyware has always had the ability to support custom modifications to its look-and-feel, feature set, and behavior. This customizability is reserved for special resellers and other partners who wish to distribute SUPERAntiSpyware with a particular branding/market in mind. NOTE: we have not used this capability often, and we do not currently have any resellers who use custom builds of SAS. The update at the end of February contained some enhancements to the system to facilitate the creation of future partner builds. Thanks, Geoff
  10. Hi digitalninja, Not sure why you haven't gotten a response yet -- sorry about that! I'm sending you a PM with the contact info for our reseller and portable/tech manager. Thanks, Geoff
  11. Hi Cranfield, Could you please submit a support ticket here: https://www.superantispyware.com/csrcreateticket.html Our Customer Service Rep. will be happy to assist you. Thanks, Geoff
  12. Hi circe801, The option to start the Free Edition with Windows is available so that: 1) the Home Page Protection feature starts operating when Windows starts 2) SAS is running and available to download new product binary updates (i.e. new versions of the program) 3) SAS is ready to perform an on-demand scan at a moment's notice ... in no particular order of importance. Of course, starting SUPERAntiSpyware with Windows is completely optional. Thanks, Geoff
  13. geoff


    What version of Firefox do you have kenw? Thanks, Geoff
  14. Hi ecbritz, If I understand you correctly, SUPERAntiSpyware's realtime engine uses (basically) the same detection definitions as our on-demand scanner does. If an item is detected as malicious by realtime -- typically by an execution attempt or a file move/copy operation, etc., then it is prevented from executing and it is removed and quarantined. Removal of the executables causing the malicious network traffic (and thereby stopping the traffic) is similar to what you are talking about with MBAM, but it is not the same. Again, SAS does not currently block malicious websites or any other network traffic directly. Thanks, Geoff
  15. HI ecbritz, Yes, SUPERAntiSpyware realtime protection does work and we test it daily in our lab! At the core, SAS detects, prevents execution of, and deletes malware files with its realtime. SAS does not block malicious websites like MBAM does. SAS also does not block tracking cookies in realtime as we have found that this can negatively impact the browsing experience. Thanks, Geoff
  16. geoff


    Hi Mrzocor1, I sent you a PM about this. Thanks, Geoff
  17. Hi All, We actually did a little tune-up on our cookie detection, so what you're seeing comes as no surprise. Thanks for using SAS! Geoff
  18. Hi Tom, Thanks for the update. BOBRGR, how has your performance been? I got a message from the CDN this morning. After some tweaking, they wanted to know if the performance had improved. Thanks, Geoff
  19. https://downdetector.com/status/att/map/
  20. Hi All, I just got a very helpful and detailed response from our CDN provider. In a nutshell, the problem lies with AT&T and it cannot be routed around by the CDN. As such, they recommend that AT&T be notified to resolve the issue for the customers who are affected. I'll talk with our own network engineers to see what else might be done. Thanks, Geoff
  21. At this time, the problem does seem to be isolated to AT&T. We have reached out to our CDN provider to see if they have any insights. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks, Geoff
  22. That's interesting. Thanks for the additional information everybody. There may be something to the common AT&T provider. We have some folks in the support system with the same issue -- who are also on AT&T. We'll investigate and see what we come up with. In the meantime, are you all able to download the manual definition installer quickly and completely? If everything is working correctly, this should take maybe 10 seconds or less to download on a broadband connection. http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SASDEFINITIONS.EXE Don't hesitate to run it once it's downloaded -- it'll update your definitions Thanks, Geoff
  23. Hi Tom, Thanks for trying that out and also for providing the additional detail about your issue. All our updates come from a third-party CDN. Because individual CDN endpoints serve particular geographic regions, what may be affecting one group of customers may not affect another. We haven't had reports of any other issues, but we'll keep our eyes open of course. Do you have another PC or laptop on the same network with SUPERAntiSpyware installed? If so, how does it perform in downloading updates? On the PC with the problem, what happens if you boot into Safe Mode with Networking and try to update? Thanks, Geoff
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