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  1. Hi PaulGr, Just checking in to see if you still need assistance with this issue. Thanks! Geoff
  2. Hi PaulGr, Can you please send me a PM with your registration code and I'll help you disable the scheduled scan. Thanks! Geoff
  3. Hi Everybody, The 10.0.1242 build is available for public download now: https://www.superantispyware.com/download.html We'll make it available as an automatic update in the next few days. Take care, Geoff
  4. Hi Everybody, Just checking in to see if anybody was able to try out one of the test installers above? Looking for any feedback before we move into final testing. Thanks! Geoff
  5. Awesome, thanks for the update and Merry Christmas to you also! Regards, Geoff
  6. Hi Everybody, We've got a new evaluation build available that contains some minor under-the-hood changes and fixes. Would you be so kind to download, install, and test? Here are the download links: Free: https://securedownloads.superantispyware.com/downloads/tmp/1242/SUPERAntiSpyware.exe Pro X: https://securedownloads.superantispyware.com/downloads/tmp/1242/SUPERAntiSpywarePro.exe You really shouldn't notice anything earth shattering, but CPU and disk usage may be reduced slightly for some, especially if it's a brand new install. Thanks!
  7. Hi skyburnner, We looked into this and made an update to the product that might resolve the non-detection issue. Could you please check for updates and then run a Quick Scan and let us know if you are now seeing detections? If that does not work, could you please exit SAS and then download and run the latest installer here: https://securedownloads.superantispyware.com/SUPERAntiSpyware.exe Thanks! Geoff
  8. Hi skyburnner, Thanks for contacting us. Can you tell us what your Windows specifications are - specifically, Edition, Version, OS Build: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/see-which-version-of-windows-you-have-12d35019-4da9-0cb1-ba47-f8b031b712ad What browser(s) do you use - what version of Chrome? Thanks! Geoff
  9. Hi Will, Thank you for trying that out. Best of luck with your health and positive wishes for the New Year!! In the meantime, we'll try to see if we can reproduce the behavior you've been experiencing here. Take care, Geoff
  10. Hi Will, Thanks again for the detailed information provided in your response. Could you try two things for me just to see where we end up? If temporarily disabling Kaspersky and then testing the scenario doesn't work, can you then try... ...to boot your PC into Safe Mode (Safe Mode with Networking is fine), run SUPERAntiSpyware there - if you do not have the right-click context menu available, please do a Custom Scan on a folder instead. Does this make any difference in the behavior? Thanks! Geoff
  11. Hi Will, Thanks for the detailed problem of your description! This is actually a fascinating problem and not at all what I would expect from scanning a MP3. When you initiate the scan, are you using the right-click context menu scan (i.e. SUPERAntiSpyware -> Scan selected file(s))? If you put the MP3(s) in question in a folder and perform a Custom Scan on that folder, does the same behavior result? What about going to the Help & Registration tab screen and checking the box "Safe Mode Scan"? If you do that, does the same scan behavior happen? Obviously, the natural questions come up - like, have you installed any other PC security software recently or made any other changes to your SAS settings or PC settings in general? Most likely the answer is no - but it doesn't hurt to ask. Typically these scan "hang" type issues are associated with interference from other security products. Thanks! Geoff
  12. Gosh Roy, no problem! It's actually a little confusing and if we get the chance we'd like to update that on/off switch to be more intuitive. Thanks, Geoff
  13. Hi tmarsh, Did you register your fresh install using your existing registration code? On the main UI screen, what happens if you click on the Automatic Updates button? Thanks, Geoff
  14. Hi Roy, Under the Scheduled Scanning screen, there is a lined-out red circle towards the top. If you click it, all scheduled scanning will be disabled. Thanks, Geoff
  15. After some investigation, it seems that there may be a webserver configuration problem that is causing issues with the profile photo chooser/editor and possibly some other features. We're looking into it now. Thanks for your patience!
  16. Right on, thanks. Do you have any browser extensions or anything that would filter web content installed and active? I will run it up the line to Invision and see what they say.
  17. Thanks for the quick response! I have to be honest - I haven't used this feature in probably 6+ years. Apparently, the Profile Photo tool in this forum software still leaves a lot to be desired. I was able to change mine using the tool (tried with a few versions of Chrome and one of Edge) - but I couldn't crop the image appropriately as you can see. If you can confirm what browsers and what versions are exhibiting this behavior for you, I'll report it to IPS and see if they have a solution. On the backend, I find that their template editor sometimes only works reliably with Edge...so I know they have some browser compatibility issues at times. Anybody else having this problem with the avatar tool?
  18. Sorry for the delay. What error are you receiving? Thanks, Geoff
  19. Hi daz1967, Have you contacted our support directly through the contact form? https://www.superantispyware.com/contact.html Thanks, Geoff
  20. Hi Hamal, Thanks for contacting us. Do you still experience the crash if you go to the Help & Information section from the main screen and click "Safe Mode Scan" under the Troubleshooting section? Regards, Geoff
  21. Hi. Can you elaborate on "it just takes too long to scan"? How long are your scans taking? Thanks, Geoff
  22. Right on, thanks Ultra Male!
  23. Hi Ultra Male, Sorry you're having trouble getting through to us. Could you please PM me your license key and/or original invoice # and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! Geoff
  24. Hi BradEdit, Can you tell us what OS and version of Chrome ( chrome://settings/help or chrome://help )you are using? Also, what version of SAS do you have installed?
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