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  1. Hi Chim, Where did you hear that SAS 8 does not support WIndows XP? You should have no issues using SAS 8 on your XP machine. I can tell you informally that we have no plans to remove support for Windows XP -- as long as it is not problematic for us to continue to do so. We have great respect for Windows XP and our XP users, but we do realize that the number of active XP installs are shrinking every day. Given that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is best for your safety and security to transition to a supported OS if at all possible. Thanks, Geoff
  2. geoff

    Something added to startup?

    Hi Johan, can you try uploading your screenshot now? Thanks, Geoff
  3. geoff

    Something added to startup?

    Hi Johan, sorry to hear about this. We are seeking some support on the screenshot upload issue right now . As to the persisting notification issue -- can you exit, uninstall, and reinstall the product using the latest download: http://cdn.superantispyware.com/downloads/SUPERAntiSpywarePro.exe and let us know if that fixes the problem? Thanks, Geoff
  4. geoff

    Something added to startup?

    Yes, you're right Nightcap. The dev. team is looking at a better way to present the notification so that (presumably) users won't have to turn it off. I don't have any info on when that will happen -- just passing what I've heard along. Regards, Geoff
  5. geoff

    Something added to startup?

    Hi Everybody, Sorry for the confusion. If you are having problems with this new feature, you can easily disable the notifications by unchecking the box "Notify me when a startup item is added" under the Real-Time Protection page. Our development team is currently investigating how to better present the information provided in the notifications. Note that all new installs of SAS 8 now have this option unchecked by default. Thanks, Geoff
  6. geoff

    Constant error message during scan

    Awesome, thanks for the update and have a great walk!!!
  7. geoff

    Constant error message during scan

    Sometimes it takes a bit for our CDN to get the update out. Be watching for "Database Version 13944" -- it's the latest and greatest.
  8. geoff

    Constant error message during scan

    Hi jadinolf, The update was released a little bit ago -- please restart the program and check for updates and you should be good to go! Regards, Geoff
  9. geoff

    Constant error message during scan

    Thanks for the quick report jadinofl!
  10. geoff

    Forum Theme

    I like it!
  11. geoff

    Windows 10 Creators Update

    Thanks for the feedback PTD! What are some of your biggest issues with Win 10, guys?
  12. geoff

    Windows 10 Creators Update

    Thanks for the great feedback, GS!
  13. geoff

    Windows 10 Creators Update

    Just curious how many of you have installed the Creators Update and what your thoughts are. I've installed it on two PCs and I haven't had any issues yet.
  14. Hi Mathias, Our malware research team has received your request and your case is under review. You should expect to hear back from us by tomorrow morning. Monday Jan 09 PST. Thanks, Geoff
  15. geoff

    (SOLVED) Surf Side Kick?

    Hi bluedeblue, Good question. Some of the feedback shown by the scanning progress in SAS does indeed show items that the scanner is looking for. It depends on the internal type of malware definition SAS uses. Anyway, your assessment is correct and there is nothing to be concerned about. Thanks, Geoff