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  1. Hi daz1967, Have you contacted our support directly through the contact form? https://www.superantispyware.com/contact.html Thanks, Geoff
  2. Hi Hamal, Thanks for contacting us. Do you still experience the crash if you go to the Help & Information section from the main screen and click "Safe Mode Scan" under the Troubleshooting section? Regards, Geoff
  3. Hi. Can you elaborate on "it just takes too long to scan"? How long are your scans taking? Thanks, Geoff
  4. Right on, thanks Ultra Male!
  5. Hi Ultra Male, Sorry you're having trouble getting through to us. Could you please PM me your license key and/or original invoice # and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! Geoff
  6. Hi BradEdit, Can you tell us what OS and version of Chrome ( chrome://settings/help or chrome://help )you are using? Also, what version of SAS do you have installed?
  7. Thanks for the update Buffalo4. I got a note from the operations guys just a bit ago and they said they were done with the database maintenance and that everything was working normally. So I think we can hopefully call this event closed.
  8. Hi Everybody, Quick update -- we had a major failure at the datacenter that houses our databases. We've been working continuously to get it back up and running and I think we're getting close but as you've seen, there are still periods of downtime. We're trying to get it all resolved this evening (Friday 5/3 PDT). Thanks again for your patience! Geoff
  9. Just a FYI: when we deploy a definition update, there are usually a lot of changes rolled into it -- often including updates that are not mentioned specifically in the auto-generated release "notes" of additions and updates. The latest release includes all of the pending changes that have been queuing up since last week. We haven't lost any of the research work done since the problem began.
  10. Hi Everybody, I think we're back on track with the definition update process. We had a pretty serious issue which needed some thought and development. Thanks again for your patience. Regards, Geoff
  11. Hi KEL1, The dev team is still working on it. Sorry, I have no additional details to provide at this time. My understanding is that it is a somewhat more involved problem than previously anticipated. Thanks for your patience! Geoff
  12. Hi Cyberchief, Sorry for the delay in the response. We've been having some issues with our definition release infrastructure and we're working on getting it resolved. I haven't heard of an ETA on when this will get fixed but I assure you our team is giving it top priority. Regards, Geoff
  13. Hi Chim, Where did you hear that SAS 8 does not support WIndows XP? You should have no issues using SAS 8 on your XP machine. I can tell you informally that we have no plans to remove support for Windows XP -- as long as it is not problematic for us to continue to do so. We have great respect for Windows XP and our XP users, but we do realize that the number of active XP installs are shrinking every day. Given that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is best for your safety and security to transition to a supported OS if at all possible. Thanks, Geoff
  14. Hi Johan, can you try uploading your screenshot now? Thanks, Geoff
  15. Hi Johan, sorry to hear about this. We are seeking some support on the screenshot upload issue right now . As to the persisting notification issue -- can you exit, uninstall, and reinstall the product using the latest download: http://cdn.superantispyware.com/downloads/SUPERAntiSpywarePro.exe and let us know if that fixes the problem? Thanks, Geoff
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