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  1. Thanks for the reply. I didn't think it looked like SAS,but it only came on when I start an SAS scan, Maybe I was hoping you may recognise it. This only happens during every SAS scan and at the same place roughly and only during the File scan,the last one and roughly at around 5-6 thousand files mark.Didnt do this ever before during scans,so I posted this happens during the SAS scan.
  2. Hi Nick 1 corrrection XP SP3, here is the pop up [/img]
  3. Message comes up at scan. XP SP2 and Opera
  4. Discussing security with a friend and he posed a question. He says any program (security and he included SAS) isn't strong enough if it can be shut down in task manager. It means it can easily be defeated by sophisticated spyware. I say he wrong as I have the full version for over a year and I see it block plenty. What is the expert explanation? Thanks.......
  5. Hello thanks for the response. I have sent the file albeit not Password protected as I could not figure out how to do so. If it is a problem in this state,I'll gladly resend if you could please explain how. Another note is the window comes up on any restart of PC
  6. Hello I'm getting a popup from SAS,it 's come up 3 or 4 times in the last few days. I ckick the OK button but nothing changes. SSupdate C\windows\system32\xlibgfl254.dll not a valid image Would someone please tell what I should do about it XP Pro,SP2,IE7
  7. Wow thats insane. Sorry to ask so many questions. It bogs the scanner til irt crashes and I guess one reboots but is it gone or doees it restart.
  8. Hi, My friend scanned their PC with their product. It found literally 1000's of these Heuristic.ArchiveBomb. I was wondering what that is. Of course I told them to run SAS, just in case. Hope you had a great holiday.
  9. Well that explains it. Amazing that they don't stop and will find ways to run it. Are they somehow profiting from this. I mean other than the ones that try to sell a program.
  10. Hello 2 questions: Should I run SAS in safe mode,I have the full version What is the reason to run scans in safe mode Thank you
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with you on these comments..
  12. Well then thanks for posting it anyway as I still found it quite good. have agreat day
  13. What an excellent comentary. Would you mind if I copied it ,with your name. I remember taking the 3 hour ride to the shore in my Dad's big ole Ford and sleeping on the back window shelf. I'm still here..
  14. Thanks for the reply. Will pass along to my friends
  15. Is SAS compatable with all OS's? Are ther any known Apps it conflicts with? Thanx
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