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  1. Thats a real good one Gordon. I remember it from a few years ago and had the bookmark.
  2. Hello Nick, Quick question about Transfer Product License. I had previous version of SUPERAntiSpyware Pro installed on Vista. I uninstalled it and installed the new version SUPERAntiSpyware Pro on XP Pro. Do I need to Transfer Product License? I did enter the code I had and everything looks to be fine but I thought I would ask anyway. Only thing I notice is the icon in the tray is yellow and I thought it was green before. Regards, Hardhead
  3. Just thought I would stop by and say that I haven't experienced any more problems.
  4. Ok, will do. Thanks for your prompt and fast response. BTW, I did send issue to Microsoft. Let me see if I can find the message and I will post. Regards, Hardhead
  5. Hardhead


    Thank you fatdcuk. I'm not sure if it is an issue or not but I did get an imcompatiblity prompt from Vista and then SuperAntispyware shut down. All seems well now. Go figure.
  6. No everything seems to be fine now.
  7. Hardhead


    I just joined today and posted in General Questions. Nice to be here.
  8. Hello I just finished installing the SUPERAntiSpyware Release 3.3.1020 update today on Vista RC1 and got the following imcompatibility from Vista. I rebooted and everything seems to be fine now. Any thoughts Regards, Hardhead
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