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  1. Hi Nick I actually came to the Forum to post about the results of this test. Luckily before I posted in General I saw this thread. I'm glad you and your team jumped on the quickly. I am more concerned about the earlier Rogue Anti-Malware test results. Certainly don't expect wonders but I would love to see SAS perform at least on par with A2. Matter of fact there's a post in the General forum with a user that is getting a WinAntiVirusPro popup that SAS does not seem to be cleaning!
  2. Too hard to answer huh? For an update I have run some more tests and I think I see what the issue is. If I select "Scan Your Computer" and then check the "Perform Complete Scan" and under Preferences have the block checked "Ignore System Restore/Volume Information" then the Restore Folder is NOT scanned. If instead of selecting "Perform Complete Scan" I choose "Custom Scan," check all the options but "Selected Folders" and of course check the C:\drive block under Scan Location it still works. But if I add/check the block under "Custom Scan" for "Selected Folders" then run the scan it will indeed scan the Restore Folder regardless of the "Ignore System Restore/Volume" setting. Not sure if this is a glitch, oversight or works as it should.
  3. Glad you got some help but I wonder.... DDA is one of the new options of SAS to help make it better. If you've got to turn that option off to get a scan to work correctly then what's the point? Was this some kind of hardware conflict perhaps? Understanding of course that not every piece of software will work perfectly with all the hardware combos out there.
  4. I installed the latest release of ver 4 (4.0.1154) Free version. I updated and set my scanning options. I have the option Ignore System Restore/Volume Information checked, which I'm pretty sure means to NOT scan it. However during the scan I am seeing the C:\System Volume Information\_restore{blah... show up in the scanning progress. Should this be happening? For Scanning I was using the Custom Scan option with all blocks checked and Scan Location was on C: and D: drive only.
  5. Nick I hear the guys who put together the UBCD4Win CD are waiting for your approval to include an SAS Plugin in an upcoming distro. I sure hope you will say YES. Having that plugin already incorporated will be such a nice thing. Hopefully you'll be working with those guys.
  6. Hi Nick and others, I made a search through the forums to see if my question has been asked before but didn't notice anything so.......... I've not really tried SAS on my home systems here as in reality I don't really need it because of other protection mechanisms I use however I routinely recommend it to others. I decided to give it a shot on one of my systems here using the latest release, 3.4. I wanted to become a little more familiar with it. What I find is a little curious to me and would like some clarification. Once SAS has started the only option it appears to shutdown SAS is by right clicking the SAS Bug icon in the system tray(of course there's Window's Task Manager). It does not shut down when selecting Close from the main menu. After some further experimenting I have found that if the tray icon is set to display then the above it true however if the tray icon is set to NOT display then selecting Close or even the X (close) in the upper right corner of the main gui window will close SAS and remove it from memory. Perhaps this should be posted in the suggestion forum but not sure if this is by design or not. I have verified this on 2 systems. It would seem to me that the SAS tray icon should at least be visible while SAS is running regardless of whether the main settings are set to hide it or add another setting to allow for this behavior. As an alternative if the tray icon is set TO display with SAS running perhaps there should be a dialog box on the main gui window to allow for shutdown of SAS over and above the right click menu. I had thought in the few times I had set it up on others systems that by selecting Close that SAS was shutting down and freeing up memory. I see now that is not the case. The reason I question this is with the Free version Real Time protection is not active so why does SAS need to remain in memory? Hopefully I was clear! Thanks
  7. There currently is not, but we will be providing a "package" that will allow installing the product like that - it also will be able to be run from a USB drive or CD, etc. Nick, when can we expect to see a version to run on CD or USB? I was thinking about playing with SAS free myself and trying to make a Plugin for a BartPE environment. That would really come in handy. Manual update of definitions would be a real treat too.(not sure if that is possible now)
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