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  1. Thanks, it was made by another guy (I ignore his name actually) and polished just a bit. It is difficult to make a good translation because it's not enough to translate in a text file but then you have to check it while running to verify 1) it make sense 2) it doesn't go beyond borders.

    I'm no longer use Windows (hence I don't use SAS) but I can keep active on the translation (as I do with few other windows programs)

  2. There are many topics about this. To summarize:

    - for automatic check of any update available

    - for easy action when you need SAS

    - if SAS runs in the system tray you have access to the context menu action "scan with SAS"

    I add that SAS when running idle in the system tray uses very little resources.

  3. sas-main-menu.png

    Hi, since I use SAS I'm asking myself why there are these buttons in the bottom of the main menu.

    BACK: If I've started nothing I can't go back. It has no function at all.

    NEXT: It always starts the scan, but the big scan button is already there

    so IMO it's needless and confusing a bit.

    CANCEL: If I've started nothing what should I cancel?

    Making 'Close" (this menu) would be better.


    I fully agree with brunoe66. I believe it's an easy change.

  4. I agree as well that it would be nice to have a new fresh interface but this is way in the bottom of the priorities I ask to a program, expecially if it a security one.

    However it is also true that other antispyware, just to name one of them ST, use the graphic interface to catch many users...

  5. I can't say that is something bad but it's a bit different than almost all the applications...

    The main window is very good with many buttons for many choices, this is fine.

    However in the bottom right there is a "next" button that, if pressed, takes you immediately to the "scan" window, same as if you press the "scan my computer" in the main window.

    Now, if you start the scan, pressing again "next button" the window change but the "next button" is always there and if you press it again a confirmation window pops up asking if you wish to stop the scan.

    In my personal opinion those "next" buttons are quite redundant and should be replaced by more explanatory buttons such as "start scan", "stop scan", "pause scan".

    Not a big deal although but it's difficult to give good suggestions for an almost perfect antispyware :lol:

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