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  1. There are many topics about this. To summarize: - for automatic check of any update available - for easy action when you need SAS - if SAS runs in the system tray you have access to the context menu action "scan with SAS" I add that SAS when running idle in the system tray uses very little resources.
  2. 7zip is open source so it can be implement easily.
  3. Congratulations to have chosen SAS Anyway wait few more days (hours?) and you can install SAS 4 that is a great update
  4. Are these 6 million individual users or just the times the application is downloaded?
  5. I believe the subject is self explanatatory. If I deactivate the real-time function (PRO version of course) the system tray icon doesn't change. A red cross over it or a different colour bug would suffice in my opinion. Thanks for attention.
  6. The best antivirus is your brain IMO. I don't use any antivirus and I was never infected in 2 years. As precaution I regularly backup every week and that's all. So my answer to your question can be positive.
  7. Giwex


    I fully agree with brunoe66. I believe it's an easy change.
  8. I believe JerryM is focusing on the plural of spywares while brunoe66 on the 3rd person form of the verb "to detect". Hm, 2 errors?
  9. This would be great, I usually help other people to clean their computer and, while I solve the problem always installing SAS, it would be nice to use a USB device having also SAS ready for use
  10. Giwex


    I agree as well that it would be nice to have a new fresh interface but this is way in the bottom of the priorities I ask to a program, expecially if it a security one. However it is also true that other antispyware, just to name one of them ST, use the graphic interface to catch many users...
  11. Hey, I'm curious to know if this story had an happy end.
  12. I can't say that is something bad but it's a bit different than almost all the applications... The main window is very good with many buttons for many choices, this is fine. However in the bottom right there is a "next" button that, if pressed, takes you immediately to the "scan" window, same as if you press the "scan my computer" in the main window. Now, if you start the scan, pressing again "next button" the window change but the "next button" is always there and if you press it again a confirmation window pops up asking if you wish to stop the scan. In my personal opinion those "next" buttons are quite redundant and should be replaced by more explanatory buttons such as "start scan", "stop scan", "pause scan". Not a big deal although but it's difficult to give good suggestions for an almost perfect antispyware
  13. Downloading while posting Differently from the previous version this time I wanna test the Pro version
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