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  1. GO into safe mode and open up C:\boot.ini. You'll see /safeboot somewhere in there. Delete it. It may be /safeboot:minimal or something like that. Delete it. Save changes and reboot. You'll be back in normal booting.
  2. id say that windows defender is redundant with ST in there.... ST is preference..it will be safer and you control more, but it will be more popups....
  3. Yes. The updater will still work. Consider this: When you reinstall SAS, how do you update? The program asks you to update the database and goes through the same procedure as what happens when you click check for updates in SAS. So it doesn't matter how far behind you are. You just update SAS and let it do its work
  4. Does SAS have command line support? In either version (Free/Pro?) Just wondering because if so, scheduled scans would be more controllable.
  5. I think somebody fixed it or something because now the error is gone..
  6. lol...another spelling error on the website faq part... Will SUPERAntiSyware remove ALL the spyware on my system?
  7. ok... it is at the end of the wizard only. It says Spware. I just confirmed it
  8. sorry... I meant how effective its real time protection is. I use SAS for scanning along with some other ASs so I'm fine there.
  9. lol....I trust the people here.
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows if it is effective or not. I was browsing the net on its effectiveness and saw nosirrah testing it, but never posting the results the second time through. Major downloading sites like download.com don't have an editor's rating so I'm not so sure.
  11. When i first installed it and the SAS wizard came up. The title was always something like spware or something like that...I forget, but there IS a spelling error.
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    Maybe add some more customizations like skins?
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