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  1. Sounds great! Can't wait to reinstall SAS! Best regards, Marc
  2. Just updated my post. Best regards, Marc
  3. I've currently uninstalled SuperAntiSpyware (SAS), due to this problem since I need DaemonTools running. I did however run a complete system scan yesterday and according to the logs the following definitions were used: Core Rules Database Version : 3095 Trace Rules Database Version: 1123 The SAS installer is labeled as version However, the problem doesn't appear during scanning. Nothing is found. Actually, I ran SAS for this exact purpose, since I was afraid I somehow had gotten som malware on my system. What happens is that I can install DaemonTools v3.47 over and over again and the daemon.exe file (default install location: \Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe) will have been silently deleted upon every boot, as well as the previously mentioned registry key. I've been searching through the registry (I have some experience in that) and have also been scanning my system with SysInternals' RootkitRevealer. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. Finally I ran HijackThis and in the log I found: Winlogon Notify: SASWinLogon - D:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASWINLO.dll Just for kicks I uninstalled SAS, and lo and behold daemon.exe wasn't deleted and neither was the registry key deleted. I've been using SAS for quite some time, and this problem only started yesterday, so I believe there's a problem with the definition files. I remember updating these on sunday. Do you need the DT 3.47 installer? You can download it here. The MD5 hash is fe36ef3abf2589bef67f0113f40ff845. Alternatively, I can of course mail the installer to you. I hope you can fix this issue. Best regards, Marc
  4. I've just mailed you the file in question. Please let me know if you need the complete installer. That should be doable, since it's less than 500KB. Best regards, Marc
  5. Yesterday I noticed that on every boot of Windows XP the file daemon.exe was deleted automatically. After a lot of sleuthing I traced the problem back to SuperAntiSpyware (Free Edition, but probably in the paid-for version as well). It seems that this behavior was triggered by a recent signature update. It would be nice to get this false positive fixed, and I'm thanking for it in advance. Best regards, Marc
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