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  1. Problem solved. I updated to the last available version and it found-as i expected-nothing at all. Thanks.
  2. Two days ago i connected via LogMeIn with a friend whose computer needed a lot of cleaning ;due to someone hitting the wireless modem at his home the connection suddenly vanished and i had the 'sensation' the pc was kind of damaged as if the wire had gone off. Yesterday i wanted to install an upgraded program(BOClean),uninstall worked fine,but when i installed it the traybar icon wouldnt show up no matter what i did, so i had a look at msconfig and found only 3 of 6-8 program entries were there. Tried to reinstall my antivirus Avast! and same thing happened:half of the program working,no icon in systemtray. In the meantime i had run also my other security programs(TrojanRemover,AdAware,SpyBot,CWS,ADS) and none found anything spyware wise. When i ran Superantispyware i had a shock: it listed Trojan.Downloade-LongJump 501 items and Trojan.Downloader-VS Toolbar 161 items both have countless Files,Memory Processes,Registry Keys. I proceeded to delete,but wasnt allowed to because: 'The instruction "0x7c920c27" referred to memory "0x00a2f1ad".Memory could not be "read" ' No other scan detects anything and the files point to each downloaded file in my pc,practically all the OS,which seems unlikely and makes me think about a FP. Undoubtedly i have had a damage at StartUp and i am now unable to properly install programs....but this could be on account of something more ordinary..... I hope Nick can tell me something today before i have to reinstall...... thanks, Arkzaps Edit-forgot to mention i had tried and uninstalled a few days ago the iranian HIPS Neoava.
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