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  1. Hello Superantispyware, i got a question , i installed Systweak RegClean Pro, however SAS scans this as a threat!! Why? it's a MS certified company can you explain? Thnx
  2. Hello sometimes when i scanned with SAS and i let SAS remove the infections, it takes a very while removing them....why?? It are cookies. thnx
  3. Hello recently i bought Bitdefender Av Essentials for my laptop as extra protection, but today SAS scanned it as an Trojan. What about it?
  4. Hello I just tried to update definitions but got an error Decompression definitions FAILED Definitions update FAILED local definitions restored What's wrong?
  5. Hello IS SAS compatible with Spyware Doctor with Antivirus?
  6. Hello I also installed EmSIsoft Anti Malware Guard which is free, it scanned an infection Trojan.Win32.Llac!IK Is it possible it's not in the database of SAS?? Thnx
  7. no prob,,, anyway....SAS is the BEST!!!
  8. ok it works....i send it by the utility.
  9. when i try to select it, it says file not found, and i don't be able to find these folders to select it. c:\Users\guicaut\AppData\Roaming\cleaner\ Thnx
  10. Hello i just installed a trial of Malwarebytes Anti Malware and finds something with title 'Windefender' as a trojan. But a full scan with SAS doesn't find it.... Should i worry?? mbam-log-2011-04-09 (21-24-53).txt
  11. okay.....then SAs doesn't recognize the infection...will try to write down which name it has....because the whole XP has been f*cked up....and now starts to reinstall
  12. Hello Yesterday I received a pc from a customer which had several infections from spyware etc, although more than 280 items were removed. One hard infection couldn't be removed, even starting under Safe mode, runs directly the infection, But i noticed that within SAS you cannot select a username to scan the files. Let's say, he had an admin account and a other account with his name....you can't select one of them.. Is it possible to do that somehow? Thnx
  13. Hello, I upgraded my Vista to WIndows 7 64 bit, but when i reinstalled SAS i did a scan, and it reported the games of HP like Bejeweled and Zuma as spyware. Is it correct or not?
  14. Hello SAS is NO antivirus software, it's Antispyware and antiroot kit!!!
  15. yeah...when we can test it out???? i can't wait to see next version!!
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