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  1. Thanks for the clarification. No it was/has not been running, but I now kow how to properly use it. /best wishes
  2. Is it currently the case that SAS 3.6.1 needs be in the tray (partially loaded) as with the previous ones for the context menu stuff to work? I didn't even notice it had this capability until recently, and the entry does not show in the context menu at all, for either files or dirs, even though the entries are in the registry providing for that functionality. It is not normally part of my startup sequence. The upgrade was had through the SAS i'face, rather than separate download/reinstall. Could there be a leftover dll conflict between the older version? Some other problem entirely? Just curous, since it works fine otherwise, and would be nice to take advantage of the extra functionality. TIA
  3. Would putting a link in the %windir%\SendTo directory work?
  4. Hey Mr S.; hope all is well. Today I had a problem with updating that I caused myself with my own 'puter; being on a dial-up, the connection was bad so I had to disconnect mid-way through the update process. Amazingly though, the trace and core versions increased even though the archives only partially transferred (and did not unpack). Upon reconnection, the programme refused to update, insisting it had the latest defs. I tried deleting the bad archive, and retrying update, but no go. So, two questions, I suppose: 1) is this a bug? if so, this is partly a bug report; if not, please explain? 2) do I correctly assume that i can just manually unpack the sigs to both %windir%\Application Data\SAS\SAS as well as the programme install dir (or is just the first ok)? or something else (please indicate). 98SE here. 2a) should ths happen again, could you suggest an alternative course of action? I manually transferred the archives (per the sticky) already. TIA, and all the best!
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