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  1. Sounds good but where do you find the country settings? Can't find it anywhere... EDIT: Ahh, I found it So for others: Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Customize > Time
  2. My time settings shows a 24h clock so that should be allright. In my Scheduled Scanning Options, it looks like this:
  3. Would it be possible to add AM/PM or a 24h clock to the Scheduled Scanning Options?
  4. Okay... I'll wait and test again when the new version is out.
  5. Is there anywhere on the harddisk a crash report is being saved when the application shuts down? I often experience the application getting 'weak' during scan. If I start Internet Explorer or try to use other applications, SUPERAntiSpyware crashes. How do I find a solution for that? Thanks
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