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  1. Hi Will : Saw your latest post on the Avast Support Forums & came here to see IF you had posted that question here !? Then I came across this Post . Can NOT SPECIFICALLY answer that question, but there are "My Way" Removal "Instructions" on Dell's site at : www.dellcommunity.com/supportforums/boa ... e.id=42328 .
  2. Hi Nick : Based on your explanation, perhaps "Limited" should be placed under "SUPERAntiSpywareFree" next to "First Chance Prevention" as it currently is next to "Repair broken Internet Connections" at : https://www.superantispyware.com/superan ... vspro.html !?
  3. Hi : In a thread started by "Legend Killer" ( Pro Wrestler Randy Horton !? ), it appears that First Chance ( Prevention ) was mentioned as also being in the "Free" version and a "Reg" file was offered to "disable" it . However, when viewing the "Comparison" between the "Free" & "Pro" version, there is no "green arrow" shown under the "Free" category as there is for the "Pro" version besides "First Chance Prevention" !?
  4. Hi : Just before making this post, I decided to give it "one more try" and the definition file Update began & finished. If I have been getting Definition File Updates for about a month, why would a firewall suddenly prevent them !? I have the "Old" FREE version; what is the "best" procedure to use to obtain the "New" version ?
  5. Hi all : Saw an "Announcement" that Core 3111, Trace 1137 was released today ( Oct 23 ), but have tried twice by clicking "Check for Updates" and a Dialogue box says "Up to date" ( paraphrasing ). Is it because I still have ver 3.2.1028, meaning no more definition updates for the "old" version !? When getting the latest version, I usually COMPLETELY REMOVE the "Old", then download the "New" ; is this recommended ?
  6. Hi : Recently I was on the forums at www.aumha.net and was surprised when Moderator Maurice Nagger MS-MVP recommended to a Poster that SUPERantispyware be "ditched" ( "uninstalled" ) ; would you like to respond to his recommendation at : http://aumha.net/viewtopic.php?t=21516 ? I have seen Nick post several times on the Wildersecurity forums and this might be a similar situation !? P.S. I have wondered about the seemingly lack of request for help on this forum as contrasted with other antispyware forums !?
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