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  1. I'm not here to answer your questions or explain anything about myself to you. I jumped in to voice my opinion that your reply to someone that was trying assist you was completely uncalled for. I stand by my original statement, you're a TROLL.
  2. What causes someone to act this way? I don't see anywhere where the individual TRYING TO HELP YOU, said anything "about a simultaneous drivers loading?" Your entire rant makes you nothing more than a troll, is that what the initials in your username are meant to stand for?
  3. I read the thread at aumha that SpiritWind is referring to. The same individual who recommended "ditching" SAS then recommended using CCleaner to remove the SUPPOSED keylogger.... Hew also referred the poster to their "quickfix" page..... This user then responded that they don't know how to open Killbox because it's a zip file. I've used Killbox before and it's a very valuable tool but it can also wreak havoc on a system if you don't know how to use it. Not to impugn the person requesting help but if they're not knowledgable enough to unzip a file then methinks they should'nt be looking for help at that particular site.....
  4. Sorry, Nick but I feel the need to respond.... To "offpissed", You joined this forum on Sept 6th and have started 2 topics basically slamming SAS with absolutely nothing to back up your critique. I've used this product almost since it's inception and believe ir's one of the better Antispyware programs on the market. As for "This guy has an explanation to all questions" what exactly is wrong with that? I count a software publishers strong product support as a plus. It means he not only believes in and is committed to his product but it also means that the support is there if you need it. Quite honestly I don't think I've ever seen the type of support provided with this product anywhere else. In conclusion "offpissed" I'll speculate that you either represent a competitor or worse, you're involved in the distribution of the garbage this nifty little program is designed to neutralize (in which case I'll admit your username makes sense. ) Either way, instead of specious incomprehensible statements why not post something that would merit a valid discussion? I'm done ranting and going back into lurk mode....
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