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  1. Presuming you have average or better oral hygeine --would you use only toothpaste without using a mouthwash/anti-cavity rinse?
  2. SAS Pro is a top-tier program!
  3. I put my freebie of S-A-S up against a comparable unit with Pro V3.4.1000 and there is zilch chance of the freebie comming close to the detection and speed of Pro - WOW!
  4. Something that +99.999% forget to do, especially when retrieving Windows updates, is make sure your unit's time is correct. Go to http://www.atomtime.com and get a trial and you will be surprised at the offsets your unit's time creates. Those who keep track of or have the various types of clock management do it for them will attest that many Scheduled Tasks do not complete or start, simply because of time deviance! And no I do not represent Atom time, etc. HTH (Hope this helps)
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