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  1. A couple updates ago I noticed that the progress bar changed in SAS from a solid green to blue blocks. I also noticed that SAS takes a lot longer to launch and to update definitions than it used to. This is on four different machines so it's not a problem with a specific machine. Anybody else notice the visual changes and increase launch/update times?
  2. The issue is that if you don't have SAS set to be in the system tray, the UI is open - so the updater can't run. I have never had this issue before. I never set the SAS to be in the system tray and have always been able to update the program. This was the first time this happened so something is changed. This update requires the UI to be closed, that's why there is an issue. You can uninstall and re-install if you like or you can run it in the tray to do the update. Is there something special about this particular update that requires the use of the system tray icon? Is this a one time thing with this update or is it going to be the way it has to be done from now on?
  3. The issue is that if you don't have SAS set to be in the system tray, the UI is open - so the updater can't run. I have never had this issue before. I never set the SAS to be in the system tray and have always been able to update the program. This was the first time this happened so something is changed.
  4. OK a little more info for you on this issue. I have SAS set to check for program updates on start up. I also have it set to not show a SAS icon in the system tray. So when I launch SAS the notification that an update is available pops up with a link to the update. Usually when I click the link the update starts and completes no problem. Not this time for some reason. This is on 3 machines so it isn't a specific thing with a machine it is something with SAS. What I did was go into SAS preferences and selected to show the tray icon. Than I restarted SAS and attempted to update from the tray icon context menu. The update went just fine. It appears something is messed up with updating from the pop pup notification on start up. I also went into preferences and selected check for updates from the update tab and it brings up the pop up notification but again when clicking on it I get the failed update and the error message I posted earlier.
  5. I restarted the computer today and yes I shut down and restarted SAS. Why is there an update notification in the first place I have the most update version don't I?
  6. I currently have 4.1.1046 installed. It looks like this is the most up to date version but when starting the program I get a message that a new version is available. When I attempt to download it from the message like I always do for program updates I get a warning message telling me I need to stop scanning and close the main SAS window. I have no scan running when this happens whats going on? Here is a screen shot of the message.
  7. I have SAS 4.0.1154 but everytime I launch it I am getting notified that an update to the program is available. I have my options set to notify me of new program updates (not definition updates) but I see that there is no new update listed here.
  8. Right clicking the tray icon and checking for updates isn't even necessary. There is an option within SAS to set the program to check for program updates when you start the program. If a program update is available a notification pops up on the lower right corner of the screen informing you that a new version of SAS is available and would you like to update. Select update now and the program updates to the newer version. This is all done automatically. Of course you can still right click the tray icon and check manually but I use the automatic option. This is for SAS free version which is what I use. Here is a screen shot of the notification. This is a PROGRAM update not definitions update. So it will upgrade you from SAS 3.8 to SAS 3.9 for example. Here is a shot of the option to check. Also if you press the "check for updates" button just under the area I high lighted it will check for program updates as well. I never use the tray icon for anything.
  9. I received a notification today that a program update to 3.7 is available. It was just a few days ago I was reading about a pre release for SAS 3.7. Is that pre release now available as a final release or is the update a different version. Two days seems very short for a pre release to become a final release.
  10. Problem is fixed on my end. Everything is up to date and corresponds with the numbers on the SAS home page. Checking for updates again works as it should. SAS informs me I am up to date and no down load happens.
  11. Started SAS and checked for updates. SAS downloaded and installed the updates and seemed to work fine like always. I selected check for updates again and it said it was downloading and installing updates again. Same updates. Clicked check for updates and it did it again. Very strange. Usually when SAS is up to date it says so and no download is done. I checked on my other machine and it did the same thing. To recreate simply update. When the update finishes select update again. It will update again even though it's up to date.
  12. What is the repair option in the start menu? Is it the same as the repair tab in preferences? I don't want to select it just to find out that it does something unexpected
  13. I believe the only way to update the program without having to uninstall and than reinstall the new program is by updating within the program using the updater. My question is what if you skipped an update and now you are two behind? Will the updater work properly? Are they full versions of the program installing on top of the older program or are they just updated components of the program when using the updater? Thank You
  14. That must be for the paid version only than. I read it in the change logs for the free version though.
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