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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, On on a PC with various user accounts the definition updates have to take place various times as thy are located in the: C:/Documents and Settings/User Name/Application Data/ Superantispyware.com/Superantispyware folder. Would'nt it be more convenient to store the defs in: c:/program Files/Superantispyware folder? I noticed there is a processlist.db and a processlistrelated.db in this folder also. Seems they are used on install only as they are outdated.
  2. @Nick Ok thanks for your explanation.... So whenever if where to buy an other PC, I've to contact customer support I suppose? John
  3. @Nick Ok thx. I asked because I've purchased 2 licences and two life time subscriptions about a week ago. I registered my trial versions on 2 pc's on the main accounts and assumed registration process would be for all accounts at once. Yesterday I got a message 'trial period ended' (or something like that) on 3 accounts on a Winxp system, so I registered this 3 accounts with te same key as the main account (all have admin rights) worked fine, but seemed a little odd to me that I had to register four times on one PC. Same thing on an old Win98se rig with two accounts.
  4. 256mb.. no way! One reason I purchased SAS is because its light on resourse en diskspace usage. On my XP machine it uses: 8.026.143 bytes or 7.65MB (including logs).
  5. Nick, When you purchase a licence for SAS will it be valid for one PC or do you have to purchase a licence per user account? John
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