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  1. JohnG

    What folders does SAS install?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, On on a PC with various user accounts the definition updates have to take place various times as thy are located in the: C:/Documents and Settings/User Name/Application Data/ Superantispyware.com/Superantispyware folder. Would'nt it be more convenient to store the defs in: c:/program Files/Superantispyware folder? I noticed there is a processlist.db and a processlistrelated.db in this folder also. Seems they are used on install only as they are outdated.
  2. @Nick Ok thanks for your explanation.... So whenever if where to buy an other PC, I've to contact customer support I suppose? John
  3. Is this expected/normal?
  4. @Nick Ok thx. I asked because I've purchased 2 licences and two life time subscriptions about a week ago. I registered my trial versions on 2 pc's on the main accounts and assumed registration process would be for all accounts at once. Yesterday I got a message 'trial period ended' (or something like that) on 3 accounts on a Winxp system, so I registered this 3 accounts with te same key as the main account (all have admin rights) worked fine, but seemed a little odd to me that I had to register four times on one PC. Same thing on an old Win98se rig with two accounts.
  5. JohnG

    How much HD does Superantispyware use?

    256mb.. no way! One reason I purchased SAS is because its light on resourse en diskspace usage. On my XP machine it uses: 8.026.143 bytes or 7.65MB (including logs).
  6. Nick, When you purchase a licence for SAS will it be valid for one PC or do you have to purchase a licence per user account? John