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  1. Received and responded. There appeared a glitch on sending so do let me know if not received, thanks
  2. As explained somewhere above, some malware stop Antispyware programs from loading so if they are already loaded they have a better chance at defeating the spyware. Don't confuse with real time protection but indeed that is the answer to that problem . Resource use is not significant for real time but some users think it is. Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, submit CSR ticket Please post back here also after solution.
  4. Our testing DOES include Win98SE and the majority of definitions will work and do offer excellent protection as does prior v 4.24, However certain features are not supported or present in Win98SE so they cannot be implemented, ie No NTFS , Therefore advances to the engine cannot be implemented now or in the future. Trust you understand Hey, I even still use win98 on a very laptop I refuse to dispose of so use the version that works for now. Don't expect future miracles however
  5. As noted, when windows 7 is out of beta, SAS will be ready or soon after, trying to fully support beta software is like a cat chasing its tail , Thanks for understanding
  6. Thanks to both "posters" above, we appreciate your reports and support
  7. Sorry not yet, matter of Spyware removal takes first priority, right?
  8. If they were not loaded all at once users of other languages would have to re-install. The files are not large and doing multiple entire downloads which requires band width so $$$$$ Millions of users of free vs paid subscibers. Trust you understand.
  9. Please submit a customer Service request.
  10. Submit a customer service request Right click the icon on the task bar. Select Customer Service.
  11. Remember you are using an 11 year old operating system
  12. Because we do remove those and those are not examples of a true virus; the line of demarcation between various types of malware is not clear cut and Antivirus (AV) programs get some spyware and Antispyware programs get some virus malware but we always recommend running an AV . Hope that clears it up for you
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