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  1. Hello Nick long time not see, I think you are turning to another Mark Russinovich, nice writing, very spirited, you are making excellent anti-... tools, next we'll see you with your own Microsoft TechNet blog!!! Don't laugh, I am dead serious about this, the only thing you might have to do is find a grave error or something in Vista or Office 2007 or Media Player 11 or Internet Explorer 7... Greetings P.S.By the way a very good blog post
  2. Hello Nick, How was the turkey,stuffed? I bet you had a really nice Thanksgiving (4th day and no signatures since Nov22nd 4 pm) and you aint the only one, all American based Anti companies have not issued any signatures, except if they have a research branch overseas. Holidays are fun: eat, sleep, eat,.. and watch TV, only to see your favorite College Football team lose. Never mind "Oregon holds the overall lead in the series 55-45-10." Hope you and your family are doing well. Anymore car races?
  3. Hi you all, World championships in Japan,Semifinals, Greece - USA 101-95. I am not dreaming Greece (European Champions 2005) goes to the finals... It is going to be a very nice weekend, the final is on Sunday Greece vs Spain and Saturday for the 3rd place USA vs Argentina. Good luck to both Greece and USA
  4. Kostas


    Nick, I am doing fine and the weather here in Greece is O.K. . I see you are also doing fine since May (less than 4 months ago), most users where apprehensive but now all forums have something good to say about SAS, just to mention a few (alphabetically) : bleepingcomputer.com (77502 registered members), bullguard.com (15282 registered members), castlecops.com (163473 registered users), dozleng.com (Total Members - 2377), dslreports.com (77521 active users), gladiator-antivirus.com (10029 registered members), infosyssec.com (2159 registered users), insomnia.gr (Number of members: 43335), kaspersky.com (16668 registered members), majorgeeks.com (Members: 62,260) , pcpitstop.com (34,761 registered members), spywareinfo.com (71,152 registered members), sysinternals.com (11883 Forum Members) techarena.in (Members: 16,432), tucows.com (registered users: 4162), virtualdr.com ( Members: 84,179), , webuser.co.uk (26025 Registered Users), whirlpool.net.au (131,380 members), wilderssecurity.com ( Members: 50,595), windowsforum.org (4,012 registered members), etc... (read or seen from more than 1 million PC users) you have done an excellent job in the very difficult arena of anti-badware programs, keep up the good work.
  5. Kostas


    Hello Nick, Sorry for registering late but I just found the forum while I am still on holidays. I am really glad SAS is doing so well and everyday it's users base is growing, I hope the best for the future. Maybe also wish you "MS sold..." to quote one of SAS's Pro users, or even better whatever is best for you. Kostas
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