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  1. Thanks for the clarification on the scheduled scans selection.
  2. I know it's late, and I must be missing something, but....how do I set scheduled scanning for just "custom scan" and not the rest? I want to do full system scan on demand and disable quick scan completely. There does not appear to be a frequency selection of "never" available (for instance if I enable scheduled scanning for custom scanning and then pull down full scan from the list). It appears that if I select scheduled scanning, I have to select a schedule for all three levels of scans. Another approach would be to have a 'save schedule' button on the schedule setup window. What am I missing?
  3. I'm a new user of SAS. I really like it but I would like more control over the selection of folders for a custom scan (i.e. select multiple folders by holding ctl down or a list of folders by holding shift). Perhaps boxes by each folder for selection? I would also like to see the type of scan listed in the log file details (i.e. quick, complete or custom).
  4. I am about to install and hope to run together SAS Pro and SAB. I think I will have to turn off the antispyware function in SAB. If I do that will the SAB just be an additional antipopup function with no duplicate resources between SAS and SAB? I have read that SAB has SAS in SAB, but I think it is limited to the realtime antispyware checking and none of the additional capabilities of SAS Pro. Can somebody confirm my understanding is correct? TIA
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