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  1. I had this same problem with the latest version that I did not have with earlier versions. I tried the above and it did not work. See my post in this thread on a workaround I used to solve it. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2231#p11600
  2. I've got a problem with this release in that SAS Pro will not stay activated following a reboot (previous releases were fine). I've activated multiple times and each time it reverts back to unactivated after a reboot. I've tried reinstalling several times and also used the SASUNINST utility. I'm running on Vista 64 alongside KIS2009 (with UAC & Defender enabled). Anybody else seeing this? Thanks FOUND WORKAROUND: Run SAS once as Administrator to acivate. Now stays activated on subsequent starts (as non-admin). This was not necessary on 4.22 and before.
  3. I think that is the point, it does not for me (unless I open a properties window for example). E.g. If I boot my PC , enable real time protection and then do not touch it, the CPU spikes still continue ad infinitum (even though no new processes are being created). I currently only enable realtime protection when browsing as the spikes affect gameplay etc.
  4. I also spoke to support recently about the CPU spikes and had the same reply. I noticed that they were 5-7% (on dual core E6600 measured by sysinternals Process Explorer) happened every 1 second and did impact system performance. Now I've noticed the similar quirk that you have that makes me think this can't be right. If I also open a properties window (e.g. right click on My Computer icon in XP, select properties and then close it) then the CPU usage for the SAS process drops to nothing from then on even though real time protection is still enabled. Can support replicate this....I might reopen a support ticket if needed. Thanks
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