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  1. As the title say's since ive reinstalled my os sas is using 10% cpu cycles every 2 seconds or so,any idea what could be doing this ive reinstalled a few times but it's still happening. Am also using kis 7 and bo clean ,overkill maybe but its only happened since ive reinstalled my vista os.
  2. as the title says does it support vista 64 bit os or just 32 bit thanks
  3. Will i be able to use sas with vista as its coming out at the end of the month thanks
  4. my lifetime licence isn't being accepted as i try to activate,it say ive activated to many times which i have reintalled a few and formated twice now it says something about tranfer licence which i did but still won't accept any help please thanks
  5. Having just purchased superantispyware i would like to know if the default settings of the scanning controls are set for optimized speed or detection,i dont mind having a longer scan if its a more indepth scan with the other boxes unchecked or is it unnecessary to uncheck some of the other boxes. thanks
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