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  1. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log Generated 08/29/2006 at 09:39 PM Core Rules Database Version : 3065 Trace Rules Database Version: 1108 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry threats detected : 0 File threats detected : 1 Unclassified.Unknown Origin/System C:\WINDOWS\choice.exe This started being detected on 29-Aug-06. Choice.exe is a CMD pgm that when opened displays an answer choice of "Y/N".
  2. Yep, I tend to agree with y'all concerning not placing too much faith in most of the "test results". With spyware/anti-spyware being the buzz nowadays, I am amazed someone hasn't established an internationally accepted testing facility with recognized/certified standards of testing that could/would supply government/corporate/consumers with truly representative comparison tests. Seems like there is some money to be made with a venture such as this and wouldn't take a substantial startup investment...maybe.
  3. Here is one comparative test report that has surfaced: Ninth Round (August 7, 2006): Cleanup Success Rate for Entry-based Viewpoint: ‧Trend Micro Anti-Spyware: 74.02% ‧Webroot Spy Sweeper: 58.27% ‧McAfee antispyware: 56.69% ‧Sunbelt CounterSpy: 53.54% ‧PC Tools Spyware Doctor: 50.39% ‧Lavasoft Ad-Aware: 48.82% ‧F-Secure Internet Security: 46.47% ‧ZoneAlarm Anti-spyware: 43.31% ‧Panda Platinum Internet Security: 40.16% ‧Norton Internet Security: 38.58% ‧Microsoft Windows Defender: 38.58% ‧ewido anti-malware: 37.80% ‧Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro: 35.43% ‧SUPERAntispyware: 35.43% ‧Kaspersky Internet Security: 25.98% ‧Aluria Anti-Spyware: 25.20% ‧Computer Associate Anti-Spyware: 22.83% ‧NOD32: 17.32% ‧Spybot S&D: 11.81% http://www.malware-test.com/test_reports.html
  4. I've had SAS Pro in and running for a week now and I'd like to make a few comments from my limited experience with this anti-spyware program. I'm currently running Windows XP-SP2 HE, IE 7 Beta 3, Office 2003, NIS 2006, ProcessGuard V3.405, Ghost Security V1.110 Beta (RegDefend active only), TrojanHunter V4.5, Hostman V2.1 with a very large HOSTS file, Phishguard V2.1.17, SpywareBlaster V3.51, IE-Spyad (ZonedOut), CMS BounceBack SATA external backup drive. Dell Dimension 8200, 1.5 gbyte DRAM, 2.6 ghertz P4, ATI 9800 Pro, Linksys BEFSX41 firewall/NAT router, and lots of HDD space. I consider my security priority lineup over and above Windows to be: 1. Firewall/Nat Router 2. Software Firewall/Anti-virus/anti-spyware realtime and scan 3. Process Guard (perhaps AppDefend after beta or final release) 4. RegDefend 5. Anti-Spyware/Anti-Trojan realtime and scan. My system runs 24/7. I run nightly automated sequential security scans with NIS 2006, TrojanHunter, and SAS followed by a BounceBack full system backup. I have active licenses for KIS V6.0, Spy Sweeper, ewido, CounterSpy and a few others of the anti-spyware cadre of programs. Over the months I've trialed/utilized various combinations of security programs attempting to effect a good, reliable multi-layer of security and system performance. Based on the last week of SAS utilization, I am forming a most positive feeling that I have finally found an anti-spyware program that meets and possibly exceeds my expectations as part of my multi-layering objectives. SAS Pros: - Integrates silently with other security programs on my system. - Requires relatively minimal resources. - CPU utilization and disk access is unnoticeable - Realtime monitor does not interfere or noticeable impact other security program scans or full system backup. - Scan time by SAS is well within acceptable timeframe. - Update frequency of definitions/rulesets strongly indicates that SAS is being maintained current with emerging threats. - None of the constant "nag approval" pop ups frequently issued by various anti-spyware programs. - Is not overloaded with optional protect "this and that" features that overlap many other security programs standard features. The only element that I have not been able to "get a handle on" is SAS's spyware detection and removal competence. Except for an occasional tracking cookie, my system has not incurred an infection for well over 18 months. Therefore, thus far I am not able to personally evaluate SAS's capabilities in its sole purpose on my system. However, I definitely cannot state this as a Con for SAS. Thus far I am quite pleased with SAS ! I am hopeful that SAS will start being included in some of the reviews and detection/removal evaluation reports that show up every now and then on the Net and PC magazines. I certainly do not have the expertise or equipment to establish a test bed of infections to perform this type of evaluation myself.
  5. Point taken and no disagreement. I'd just like to see this forum used as the prime point for problem support requests/solutions, announcements, etc., for the users. JMO...
  6. I feel that SAS should promote the use of this specific forum as its official forum for problem solving, announcements, suggestions, etc., etc. It is difficult for users to follow important discussions when they are spread out on Wilderssecurity, CastleCops, DSLReports and any other forum where "security roamers" hang out.
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