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  1. Well, it has happened twice on the Vista system on reboot. This is the first time on XP-SP2 HE. Never had it happen on V3.6 or any previous version. I've activated First Chance to see if I see any "mysterious" events on this XP-SP2 system.
  2. I have a scheduled custom scan set for 7 pm daily. At the time the problem occurred, on the Preferences>General and Startup page, the Startup Scanning option was set to "Do not scan when SAS starts". That option got mysteriously changed to "Start a complete system scan". I did not change it; SAS changed it on its own. I reported this also randomly happening on the Vista system last week. This is the first time it has happened on my XP-SP2 system with V3.7
  3. I recommend that the new First Chance Protection default be set to OFF in SAS Pro V3.7+. My brother's Dell system with a 866 megahertz CPU, 512 mbytes RAM and Norton Internet Security 2007.2, experiences a problem in that NIS 2007 will not boot up active with First Chance active. Note that NIS is set to "Load Auto-Protect during startup". Turning off First Chance brings his system back to normal. Boot time and shutdown time takes almost 5 minutes with First Chance options set active on his 866 mhertz CPU.
  4. I rebooted my XP-SP2 HE system this morning and V3.7 immediately started a full scan. I checked the Preferences>General and it had switched itself from "Do not scan when SAS starts up" to "Start a complete Scan". First Chance is not enabled. I had this happen on my Vista Premium system to. SAS V3.7 was a clean install on both systems. Here is a possible clue to why this happened. Just before the reboot, I was responding to a problem with V3.7 that my brother had emailed me about. In so doing, I opened my XP-SP2 SAS, went to the Preferences>Realtime and check marked "First Chance" so that I could clearly see the suboptions. I then unchecked "First Chance" again and closed the Preferences window. A few minutes later I rebooted my computer. That's when the above problem occurred. I did try to this scenario again and it did not repeat itself. But I wanted to state the facts.
  5. I'm having a similar problem with Vista Premium and SAS Pro. After I go through the UAC-Allow, nothing froze but the right click "check for updates" does not display the SuperAntiSpyware Update box down by the systray if no updates are available. The "check for updates" in the main window works just fine.
  6. Am running Windows XP-SP2 HE, NIS 2007 (realtime active), SSM (realtime active), TrojanHunter V4.6.930 (realtime active), AVG AS Plus (no realtime active), SAS V3.6.1000 (realtime active), 1.5 gbyte DRAM, 2.6 ghertz P4. On starting the scheduled 7:00 pm system scan, SAS immediately aborted with an Application Error, Event ID 1000 This abort occurred at 7:00:08 which means it was just starting to do its unattended scheduled system scan. I do have it set to check for updates prior to the scan. Either no update was ready at that time or it failed prior to getting the update. I obtained a new update after getting the abort problem sorted out with a reboot. Update: I rescheduled a SAS scan to run at 6:10 a.m. this morning. It started and ran just fine. So this problem is apparently not HARD. The one possible difference between this morning and last night when the abort occurred is that SAS may have found an update to download last night. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log Generated 03/10/2007 at 06:54 AM Application Version : 3.6.1000 Core Rules Database Version : 3197 Trace Rules Database Version: 1207 Scan type : Custom Scan Total Scan Time : 00:43:55 Memory items scanned : 591 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 6075 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 29862 File threats detected : 0[/u]
  7. I'm running IE7 and have the www.fileresearchcenter.com URL in my Trusted Sites. Even this will not permit this feature to work on my system. My conclusion is that this feature requires the security level in IE7 to be lowered. Whereas "Trusted Sites" allows a lot of latitude, I feel that there is an "unsecure" download or requirement that should NOT be part of this SAS feature...perhaps in the script that is required. IE7 Trusted Site settings are trapping/blocking it even at IE7 default settings.
  8. Am running Windows XP SP2 HE, 2.6 ghertz P4, 1.5 gbyte DRAM, SAS PRO V3.5.1016, NIS 2007, SSM V2.3.0.612, TrojanHunter V4.6.930, SAS AS V7.5.0.50. SAS PRO, TrojanHunter, NIS 2007, SSM have realtime protection active. Typically, SAS PRO spikes memory every so often at about 2%...nothing of corncern. I have a CDR drive and a CR-RW/DVD combo drive. This morning I upgraded to MS Office 2007 from MS Office 2003 using the Bit Locker download from Circuit City. I had it create a CD from the download which is 291 mbytes in size. An autorun.inf is also installed on CD by Bit Locker. After upgrading Office, etc., I wanted to check the backup CD to ensure it was okay. On inserting the CD, SAS PRO starting spiking the CPU 40-45% every second or so and the autorun.inf did not open after 3-5 minutes. I exited SAS PRO, removed the CD, and restarted SAS PRO fresh. The CPU 40-45% started immediately and continued. The only way to stop the spiking was to reboot. After the reboot, I closed SAS PRO, inserted the CD and the autorun.inf started okay. I stopped it, removed the CD, and restarted SAS. The 40% spiking by SAS started immediately. Again the only way to stop it was to reboot. Any idea as to what is causing this? It certainly is annoying. I use Process Explorer to monitor what is going on. Only SAS is spiking during all this. Additional Info: I tried the store bought CD for MS Office 2003 and the above problem DOES NOT occur.
  9. This issue appears to be resolved in V3.5 Beta. Thanks much!
  10. 08-Dec-06: Installed V3.4.1000. The automated scan is now working again. Problem resolved. CSR closed.
  11. Thanks for your prompt response. A CSR has been submitted.
  12. On 31-Nov-06, SAS Pro performed its normal daily scan on my system. It found two tracking cookies and I had it remove them. Since that time SAS no longer runs its daily scan. I have tried resetting the time, and other parameters on the scan scheduling window, rebooted, etc. It just will no longer perform the daily scan which was very reliable prior. I have not re-installed SAS as of yet. Would like to find problem without having to do this.
  13. It would be great for some of us older folk if the forum would honor the 120 DPI font settings without having to set IE option forcing all webpages to conform. That option screws up columned webpages horribly. Using a 24 inch WFPD on 1680 x 1050 pixels. Lower resolutions on this type of monitor skews pictures and resolution, etc. Update: Have made some changes to the settings both in resolution and DPI which resolves my "viewing size" concerns on the forum.
  14. Actually it looks like the spiking occurs on just about any of the .cpl (control panel) programs by Microsoft.
  15. I have NIS 2007, TrojanHunter TrojanGuard, and AVG AS running. But if I disable them and close them down, the same spiking occurs by SAS. SAS typically spikes 3-4% with everything active and running. It's just when I open the utilities that I stated in the first post that causes SAS to start spiking up to 45%.
  16. Am running the latest SAS PRO with XP-SP2 HE (fully updated), 1.5 gbyte DRAM, 2.6 ghertz P4. Am curious why SAS spikes the CPU utilization to 38-45% every 1-2 seconds when certain MMC items such as System Properties, Add or Remove Programs, Windows Security Center, etc. windows are open. The spiking stops as soon as these windows are closed.
  17. It's on the Realtime Protection tab under Preferences.
  18. What I have found that slows down reboots is when a program such as SAS immediately starts checking for updates as soon as it is started up. On reboots, this internet access can occur before the system's firewall is fully loaded and active. SAS has a selectable option to "check for updates when the program starts". I uncheck that option to prevent a SAS/Firewall fight on system reboot. I have always felt that such an option should have a time delay parameter that the user can specify which can then be used to let a rebooting system to stabilize before the check for update invokes itself. JMO and experience
  19. Thanks for the suggestion. For the time being, I'm sticking with NIS 2007 because I have more pressing issues of a non-computer nature that need to occupy my days as winter approaches. I might give it another try when the snows start.
  20. I was never able to get the public release version 303 to run smoothly with any other security program such as Spy Sweeper, SAS, or Trend Micro AS. My system was very unstable. I was rebooting 2-3 times a day to get out of lock ups...and my system normally runs 24/7...so it was most annoying. I ripped it out after a week of that and went back to NIS 2006. I had all modules of KIS running and active. I got the opinion from the KIS forum that "it is stupid to run any other security program...KIS protects it all"...just my impression from responses to forum questions from other users at the time. Of course it now seems that Symantec is leaning toward that misconception too. After a couple of weeks back on NIS 2006, I started in with KIS beta versions. If I recall, Build 334 was my first attempt. Same problem with system instability. (And I know the "beta testing" rules...expect problems... because I beta test software routinely). Plus it did not seem to honor custom rules or its own rules for blocking ports or IPs. But I wanted to keep going and did so until I finally pulled off after Build 397 and went to NIS 2007. I was getting constant alerts when SAS and TH liveupdates ran. It kept making me have to "allow" these...which meant if I wasn't at the 'puter, the updates were blocked. The final straw, however, was that I encountered a corruption of the HLKM/...RUN Default registry key everytime I installed a new beta build. I was told that this was a Microsoft problem and definitely not KIS...or its installer. In 4+ years on XP HE and hundreds of program installs, I've never encountered that. And it is no longer occurring now that KIS is out. Also, I could not even listen to WinAmp's XM radio without it kicking off every 15-20 minutes on my 3 mbit cable modem. Again I had all the modules active. It is my opinion that the 'normal home user" will have a truely rough time working with customizing KIS to maximize security on their system. It's a complicated GUI that takes some real effort to understand and work with. NIS 2007 is a major improvement over NIS 2004 through 2006 concerning system resource requirements. And it's been running quite well (except for the incident that generated this post originally). All of this is "my opinion and experience" and I am NOT berating KIS. I just got tired of sitting at my system for hours trying to "feel safe" again. Plus for the first time since originally installing XP, I had to completely reformat and start over to get my system from acting up...not once...but twice. I finally said "Self, why are you putting yourself through this? You haven't had a single infection in 3+ years with NIS and other security software installed." Sorry for the long response about a non-SAS issue. Just venting a bit because I had high hopes of "stepping up" to KIS.
  21. Thanks much for all your feedback. I have a current license for KIS 6, but to be honest I haven't been able to get KIS to run smoothly on my system. I've tried the public release 303 and several of the beta up through 397. I had an objective of moving off NIS 2006 to KIS 6. But after many, many hours of fighting KIS, I'm back to NIS 2007. Maybe I'll switch back later, but for now NIS 2007 is running smoothly. I'll give SAS another try today and see if anything strange occurs again. I feel naked without SAS.
  22. Does anyone have NIS 2007 (final) running along side SAS with SAS Realtime protection running on Windows XP-SP2 HE? The reason for my question is that over the weekend I installed a new hard drive, formatted and reloaded XP-SP2 HE. I revved up to NIS 2007 and loaded all my other stuff in. I finally got down to installing SAS Pro just before quitting for the night....never thinking that SAS could result in any problems. Everything had been running quite well for 12-15 hours. When I got back to my system about 6 hours later, NIS 2007 was toast. The startup registry entry for ccapp.exe (NIS module) was gone and so was ccapp.exe in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared. SAS showed nothing quarantined. I took out SAS and had to remove/re-install NIS 2007. Everything has been operating well for the past 30+ hours...without SAS. I'm leary to re-install SAS Pro again. Would appreciate hearing if any others have this combo working okay. I know NIS 2007 is now openly stating that users should not have Spy Sweeper or Spybot S&D running along side NIS 2007. So is there another anti-spyware program (SAS) that will not play nicely with NIS 2007?
  23. Thanks for the super fast corrective action update !
  24. This is a good question. I also wonder if SAS is compatible with IE7 RC1.
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