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  1. I'm runnning Vista SP1 Business and SAS PRO My license is a lifetime license. On the main window of SAS PRO, the words "Lifetime Subscription" do not show up under SUPERANTISPYWARE Professional. Nothing shows up. On my XP-SP3 system, it shows properly that my license on that system is Lifetime. I'm not having any trouble with SSUpdate obtaining core and trace rules. Is/Are any other Vista users experiencing this problem? Tech support states they cannot reproduce this problem in the lab. Also, if I try to "Transfer the license", it returns that it cannot connect to the activation server. My Avira firewall is not blocking it as near as I can tell. Even disabling it does not resolve the issue. On installing SAS PRO, I have manually enter my Activation Code because SAS PRO cannot connect to the activation server. I have checked with Nick and my license is Lifetime.
  2. Firefox user forum is at http://forums.mozillazine.org/
  3. Uninstall and installation of V4.15.1000 Pre-Release on both Vista SP1 and XP-SP3 went well. "Complete Scan" of both system with and without DDA enabled ran fine.
  4. I do not recommend that you ditch your other security programs. There are hundreds of thousands of malicious elements out there. There are many, many ways you can become infected- many very crafty and many just plain old "user stupidity, lack of attention, or lack of knowledge". A simple example is- how do you know that an e-mail from your best friend or closest relative is not infected? SAS does not scan incoming or outgoing e-mails. Trusted websites can and do routinely get hacked. Relying totally on one security program is risky, irrespective of the reputation or capabilities of the security program. The multi-billion dollar criminal industry/business on the Internet is working as diligently/rapidly to infect your computer as the computer security gurus are working to protect your computer. If there was one program out there that protects all computer 100% of the the time, wouldn't it seem rational that computer users would flock to that program en mass? JMO
  5. saszuki, You really should upgrade to the V4.0 Build 1128 PreRelease and see if your problems continue. I do not experience any of the problems you are seeing on either my Vista or XP-SP2 system. - Can cancel a scan in progress at any time. - CPU usage during a scan is only ~ 40% and does not impact other program performance. What other security programs do you have installed and running real-time? How much memory do you have? Are you running a non-standard desktop that could result in your not seeing the Cancel alert window when you click on Cancel? Version 4 download link can be found at https://forums.superantispyware.com/viewtopic.php?t=957
  6. Thanks Nick....your answer saves some investigative work on the PreRelease.
  7. How about my question? Is First Chance suppose to be fully functional now for Vista in V4.0 of SAS PRO?
  8. Is First Chance now operational on Vista in V4.0? PreRelease appears to be running very well on Vista Business with Kaspersky V7.0 and Norton AntiBot. (Vista SP1 RC not installed)
  9. LiveUpdate keeps finding this update (3383) as well. It downloads it and looks like it has installed it, but then a subsequent Update repeats the same.
  10. If I look at the Properties of SuperAntiSpyware.exe, it shows no Digital Signature. The Properties of SSUpdate.exe and BootSafe.exe does have a Digital Signature.
  11. Will V4.0 of SuperAntiSpyware be contain Digital Signatures on its executables and services/drivers?
  12. http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?even ... ng&phase=1 Probable cause.
  13. I think I have found the solution to this specific issue....at least it appears to have fixed it on my system. Let me explain. - I do not use realtime protection in SAS PRO because of some other security programs that I have installed. Plus I am waiting for "First Chance" to be fully operational in Vista. In addition, I am behind a Zywall 2+ router. - I have SAS PRO scheduled via the Task Scheduler to start up at 6:55 a.m. daily - At 7:00 a.m. it runs a "check for updates" and then a full system scan. - At 9:00 a.m. the Task Scheduler automatically closes SAS PRO down. (Yes, I check the log daily to make sure nothing was found and know that I would have to take additional steps if something was found.) In the Task Scheduler task properties, if I set SAS PRO to "Run with Highest Privileges", there are no Security Audit Failures with SASENUM.SYS. By setting this option in Task Scheduler, I can manually startup SAS PRO and again, there are no Audit Failures. My conclusion from this (be it right or wrong) is that valid programs that are failing the security audit have to be installed via their installer with some type of high level privilege option at the time of installation. I suspect this is if there is a program driver or service as part of the program. But I'm no programmer or developer; therefore, my conclusion is probably way out in left field. From the Task Scheduler Help:
  14. I am always running as a full global Administrator. So yes, SAS PRO was installed with Full Administrator.
  15. I have NIS 2007.3, AVG AS V7.5 (no realtime protection selected), PrevX V2.0, TrojanHunter V4.7.932. All programs, security and otherwise, were closed down at the time I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled SAS PRO. Error still occurs. I am running Vista Premium as a full Administrator and UAC is disabled.
  16. I completely removed SAS PRO, cleaned the registry, and re-installed SAS PRO. The event failure still occurs.
  17. Running Vista Home Premium and SAS V3.9. In the Event Viewer, I am getting the following error in the Security Audit log. Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid. The file could be corrupt due to unauthorized modification or the invalid hash could indicate a potential disk device error. File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASENUM.SYS The Event ID is 5038. What is causing this please? I did a CHKDSK /r /f and no errors are on the disk.
  18. This "event" just happened again on V3.8.1. This time all I did was exit SAS PRO and restart it. Also, I'm not sure if SAS PRO might not have a memory leak. It starts out by occupying about 35 megs of memory. In less than 12 hours it is occupying some 70 megs. This also causes it to utilize higher and higher amounts of CPU utilization. It starts out by spiking memory ~8% and slowly creeps up 12-15%.
  19. Well, I just had another incident of SAS PRO (this time V3.8.1) changing the startup scan option on its own. I'm running Vista Premium with a FULL Administrator account and SAS PRO V3.8.1 was installed under this account. Prior to this incident I was upgrading the Intel ViiV software via the Intel website. When the installation completed, the system needed to be rebooted. On reboot, SAS PRO started scanning immediately and the option Preferences>General and Startup>Start-Up Scanning had changed to "Start a complete scan" from "Do Not scan with SAS starts".
  20. Is First Chance scanning now fully functional for Vista with SAS PRO V3.8.1?
  21. I do wish to state that this problem is occurring on two(2) different computers with Vista Premium. When I first posted the problem, it was from a Dell E521; the most recent post is from a Dell XPS 410. Both have Vista Premium and are basically set up with the same software. Also both have only one user account which is "administrator"; therefore, SAS was/is installed under an administrator account. (This is NOT the true "Administrator" account under Vista. )
  22. Thanks for the feedback and reference link sunniebear. I suspect that you are right on target as to your conclusion. We are all in a learning mode with this new Vista thing. Hopefully Nick and crew will sort these quirks out for the next build V3.8 for the Vista users.
  23. I just experienced another incidence of SAS Pro 3.7 switching startup options on its own on my new Dell XPS 410 Vista Premium system. All I did was exit SAS Pro and restart it. When it restarted, it immediately started a system scan. It had switched under Preferences>General and Startup>Start-up Scanning: "Do not scan when SuperAntiSpyware starts" to "Start a Complete System Scan" Note that approximately an hour earlier, I had opened SAS Gui to review the nightly scan log, then deleted the log and closed the Gui. I'm the ONLY user of this computer unless my Doberman is playing around while I'm offline.
  24. Thanks much for your feedback. I certainly can understand your position concerning First Chance. I have turned it on for my own system which is 2.66 ghertz P4 with 1.5 gbytes DRAM, NIS 2007.2, to see if any conflicts show up on reboot. I suspect the 866 mhz system is soon to be replaced. And I'm about to go quad core It'll be interesting to see benchmark tests on SAS First Chance concerning boot delay times on 2 year+ older systems. With the security issues facing web users nowadays, a boot delay is a small price to pay...for sure.
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