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  1. SuperAntiSpyware probably does not have its update servers active yet. They usually turn them on slowly to prevent overload. Wait a couple of days and you will get it via Update...automatically. And yes you need your registration code if you uninstall and re-install manually. If you decide to uninstall, use SASUNINST.exe to do the uninstall.
  2. The official release version SAS PRO V4.22.1014 is running well on my Vista SP1 Business system with an nVidia 8800 GTX graphics card. Very infrequently see Superantispyware.exe jump to ~1.0 CPU utilization. Also, when I installed the new version after removing 1012 via SASUNINST.exe, I intentionally left the item to incorporate SAS into the Security Center checked. SAS PRO is no longer blocked by Windows on system reboot. SAS does not show up in the Malware section of Vista Security Center...but at least the program is not blocked on startup with this option active on this latest version of SAS PRO.
  3. Looking forward to testing the pre-release with the nVidia fix.
  4. Does your brother-in-law's system have an Nvidia graphics card? On my XP-SP3 system with an ATI graphics card I see zero(0) CPU utilization by SAS almost 100% of the time. On my Vista SP1 system with an Nvidia graphics card, I experience 3+% CPU utilization by SAS almost continuously. I understand that this may be fixed in the next release of SAS.
  5. Here is a little info on "collective-media" http://www.killerstartups.com/Marketing/collective-media-com-targeted-advertising
  6. This should be easy to check. - Run a Full Scan under an Administrative Account. How many files and registry keys are scanned per the log? - Run a Full Scan under a Limited User Account. How many files and registry keys are are scanned per the log?
  7. The only true way to answer your question is to install the Trial version of SAS PRO and see what the RAM usage is on her specific system. I feel pretty confident that SAS PRO will be less than AdAware....but that's just a gut feeling.
  8. On XP-SP3, the registration window comes up right after the initial installation downloads the latest updates following the actual install of the new version. So you are correct, the installer is not initiating it; however, it is part of the events that occur during the setup part...I guess that's the best way to describe it. The sequence of events for a fresh install of SAS PRO (after running SASUninst.exe to remove a previous version and a reboot) is: 1. Install the program and click Finish 2. Ask of download of Updates. If yes, download the updates 3. Display "Evaluation Period Expired" window. Allow user to enter registration and then Activate license. 4. Display Setup Wizard and allow user to set up the program options. 5. Finish In any event, the registration window does not come up on Vista SP1 Business during a fresh install/setup of SAS PRO. Step 3 in the above list does not appear.
  9. There is a pre-release version available... 4.21.1004 at https://www.superantispyware.com/prerelease.html Minor fixes to 4.20.
  10. The installer of 4.21.1004 does not go through the "Trial Period Expired" window on Vista. It goes to Setup Wizard after the updates are downloaded. On XP-SP3, the "Trial Period Expired" windows does come up okay after the updates are downloaded. On Vista SP1, initiating registration via the main window of SAS PRO once the installation is completed does occur properly and registration/activation does work okay. This is on Vista SP1 Business. I think this occurred on V4.20 as well, but it didn't "register" in my brain at the time as incorrect. This is on a Vista SP1 system where a previous SAS PRO version was removed via SASUninst.exe.
  11. Where is the download link for the SAS PRO of this pre-release?
  12. There is discussion on this at the link below: http://forums.techarena.in/anonymity-privacy-spam/615998.htm I've never see the analyzer at www.hijackthis.de flag O20 - Winlogon Notify: !SASWinLogon - C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASWINLO.DLL as nasty. And I've run hundreds of Hijackthis scan logs through their analyzer.
  13. If it did not update to 4.2, I recommend that you download and run SASUNINST.exe to uninstall your old version and then download/install V4.2.1046. Here is the link for SASUNINST.exe https://www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST.EXE
  14. V4.2.1046 has been released. Perhaps you need to update to this latest version.
  15. Would you explain what the conflict is, please
  16. alicez, The link below shows the differences between the Free version and the PRO version. https://www.superantispyware.com/superantispywarefreevspro.html Note that the free version does not have realtime monitoring. This means that there is no monitoring of downloads or programs that are running in memory. With the Free version, the only way it can detect malicious files on your system is if you manually initiate a scan on your system. For the free version, updates of new detection rules must also be manually downloaded and installed. SAS releases new detection rules once per day Monday through Friday (holidays and weekends typically excluded). In order to get the updates, you have to manually download and install the Core and Trace definitions from the link below: https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html Hope the above helps.
  17. Whereas you are working with an old version and the problem that you are having may have been a bug in that version and has been corrected in the newest version, why don't you manually update to the new version. 1. Download SUPERAntiSpyware Uninstallation Assistant here. https://www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST.EXE 2. Close down SuperAntiSpyware. 3. Run the SUPERAntiSpyware Uninstallation Assistant to uninstall SAS 4. Download and install the latest version 4.15.1000
  18. Just for info, I am not experiencing this Avira FP on the latest SAS PRO version 4.15.1000 on either Vista SP1 or XP-SP3 systems.
  19. The only commonalities (and its only partial) that I see is: 1. We are both on Vista; however, I am running Vista SP1 Business - 32 bit. 2. We are both on routers; however, I am running a Zywall 2+ 3. We both have nVidia cards; however, I am running an 8800 GTX I am on a Dell XPS410 with 2 Western Digital Raptors (Sata, 10000 rpm). Also I am using Avira Premium Security Suite V8. I am able to manually activate SAS PRO too. I agree that this appears to be on the SAS end. As I said in a previous post, my other system which is XP-SP3 shows Lifetime License in SAS PRO...as it should. I submitted a problem report; however, it appeared to have died, unsolved. Perhaps you could submit too.
  20. willie, I still have not found a resolution for this problem on my Vista SP1 Business system either. As with you, I can manually activate okay, but nothing shows up on the type of subscription on the SAS PRO main window. You wouldn't happen to be on a router/firewall with more than one computer on the router, eh?
  21. Hmmm... missed that feature. I'd switch to the older license from XP-SP3, but when I do a Transfer License on the Vista system, I get the "cannot connect to activation server" message. For some reason, the activation server just does not like this Vista SP1 system. Weird to say the least
  22. Yes, different valid lifetime license than the XP-SP3 computer. To the best of my knowledge, SAS PRO is one license=one computer.
  23. Please check out this link over at the Symantec User Forum. There is a fix for the corrupted registry items that can/might/will occur during the XP-SP3 upgrade on user systems with Norton Internet Security and NAV. http://community.norton.com/norton/boar ... ing&page=1 and http://solutions.symantec.com/sdccommon ... 16112507EN
  24. Yes, I am running Avira Premium Security Suite. However, as stated earlier, disabling the firewall makes no difference. I've bypassed my router and that makes no difference. I've booted into SAFE MODE with Internet Connection and that makes no difference. My XP-SP3 machine works fine showing the Lifetime License; the Vista machine shows nothing for the subscription...two separate licenses.
  25. Thanks EliteKiller for your feedback. The problem has been present for some time now; however, if my memory is correct, it started with the first version of V4.0. Uninstalled, created a new user account with admin privileges, installed SAS PRO via the new account. Still no luck. If I try to activate via the internet or transfer the license, it says it cannot connect to the activation server. All other updates, etc., work.
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