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  1. Seems to be running well on both my Vista SP1 Business system and XP-SP3 system.
  2. I see that V4.23.0.1006 has been publicly pre-released. What are the fixes/enhancements in this pre-release? Anything in particular that we should what out for or intensively test?
  3. That is correct. If the USB drives are on when the scheduled scan occurs, it will scan them unless you exclude them via what I stated above. This is assuming that you said the scheduled scan is to be a Complete Scan when you were doing the scheduling. Of course you can schedule a Custom Scan and set up the custom scan parameters to include only the disks you want scanned. This will accomplish the same goal as well.
  4. - Go to Preferences>Scanning Control tab - Click on the "Manage Excluded Folders" hot button From there, you can Add disks and/or individual folders on a disk that you want EXCLUDED during scheduled scanning. Note that disks and folders that you put in EXCLUDED will also be excluded when you perform a "Perform Complete Scan" manual scan through Scan your Computer. However, you can set up a Custom Scan that permits to override the EXCLUDED disks and folders so that you have one set of parameters for scheduled scans and another for Custom Scans. In the Custom Scan, you can also add scanning of Memory, Registry, Startup Locations, and Cookies + the Selected folders. Keep in mind that a Selected folder can also be an entire disk such as D:\ HTH
  5. There is a way to get around the problem so that you can run SAS while the problem is being investigated. In the Task Scheduler, add SuperAntiSpyware.exe to start up on system startup. Be sure to check mark the box on the General tab of the Task Sheduler for SAS to "Run with highest privileges". On the Preferences>General tab of SAS, uncheck the box to "Start SuperAntiSpyware on Windows starts". Then file a support request with SAS for the problem solution. Also, I see that you run with UAC on...which is good for protection. You should try the Norton UAC tool which really makes UAC user friendly. It has a "Do not ask again" option that causes UAC to remember your previous Allow/Block answer for each specific alert. It works great on Vista. And you do not have to have any other Norton products on your system...its a freebie from Symantec to all Vista users. http://www.nortonlabs.com/inthelab/uac.php
  6. I ran into this problem on my Vista SP1 Business system when beta testing V4.22. It disappeared when I installed the official release V4.22.1014....for reasons I am not sure of. Please try this: 1. Uninstall V4.22.1014 using SASUNINST.EXE 2. Reboot 3. Re-install V4.22.1014 4. When the intial SAS windows start up following the installation, activate SAS and then immediately go to the Preferences>General and Startup tab. (Note: It appears to be important to do this during the initial steps of installing SAS.) 5. Under Startup Options, uncheck the box "Integrate with Vista Security Center". 6. Close the Main window of SAS and immediately reboot. The above worked for me....hopefully it will work for you.
  7. It covers two computers. Oops, see the post below.
  8. A very strong combination would be Avira Premium or Avira Internet Security Suite, SAS PRO, and MBAM free. You can upgrade from SAS free to SAS PRO for $19.95 and for an additional $9.95, you get a lifetime subscription.
  9. It is definitely hazardous to run without full realtime protection...scanners detect infections after the fact...realtime protection blocks them before they entrench on your system. Avira free, SAS free, and MBAM free have no full realtime protection.
  10. Nope...the use of free SAS scanner is the same as the Pro version. The Pro version implements realtime protection...the scanners are the same.
  11. You should submit these files to SAS for analysis. They do not look like known names to me. When googled, nothing shows up which a good sign they are probably malicious. You can also run them through a jotti scan for an immediate analysis. http://virusscan.jotti.org/
  12. I don't think you are missing any steps. I recommend that you submit a support request per the link below. https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html This will get you direct help from the SAS gurus.
  13. Try scanning using SAS PRO with your system booted into SAFE MODE.
  14. Have you considered a System Restore using a restore point just prior to when you became infected? That might set things back to normal for you.
  15. I do not see anything in your SAS scan log that is incorrectly fixed by SAS. All the quarantined items appear to be legitimate removals. Have you rebooted your computer following these removals to see if that corrects the QuickBook issue?
  16. I feel sure that if you post your SAS scan log and specifically state what issues you are having, you will get support from SAS and also forum users. BTW, System32.exe is malicious. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/system32.exe-1.html
  17. When Avira issues the alert, does it not have a selectable option to Permit Always or Always Allow/Permit or Permit and Remember this Answer? If my memory serves me, Avira has this type of selectable option.
  18. Submit it to Kaspersky as a False Positive http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?sh ... ntry655042
  19. - Sign on forum - Open User Control Panel>Board Preferences tab>Edit Posting Defaults
  20. LOL, yes, Greyfox, you are absolutely correct. Sorry for my lack of attention to detail.
  21. Yep, I agree. If I uncheck C: and leave D:\ checked, it starts out by scanning C: Of course, you can get around this by doing a Custom Scan.
  22. rocks911, One change in your Internet Explorer settings will probably block many of these unwanted cookies. 1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab 2. Under Settings, click on the Advanced hot button 3. Check mark "Override automatic cookie handling" 4. Under First-party cookies, bullet either Accept or Prompt (Accept recommended) 5. Under Third-party cookies, bullet Block 6. Check mark "Always allow session cookies" 7. Click on OK, Apply, OK
  23. Under Vista SP1 and also XP-SP3, my tray icon for SAS PRO is still the little brown beetle.
  24. On the Preferences window under Scanning Control>Manage Excluded Folders, you didn't happen to add these other drives to be excluded, did you? That will cause them to be excluded.
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