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  1. Try this: 1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools>Internet Options 2. Select the Security tab 3. Click on (highlight) Trusted Sites 4. Click on the "Sites" hot button 5. In the box that is labeled "Add this website to the zone:", type in http://*.superantispyware.com 6. Click on the "Add" hot button 7. Uncheck the box that is labeled "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" 8. Click on Close and then Apply and Ok. 9. Close IE and then try the download of SAS again.
  2. Have you tried RegAssassin ? http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-10115995-12.html Obviously, you need to be very careful when using a tool such as this. It does what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do.
  3. Also what is her primary security software- Norton, McAfee, etc? Is the subscription active and is she keeping it updated and running scans with it? Perhaps she needs a suite like NIS 2009 to help keep her clean.
  4. First, I would have her download/install/run CCleaner to clean up all the temporary junk from her system. CCleaner v2.16.830 - Slim from the link below. http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds.aspx Probably many of the items that SAS is seeing is tracking cookies, etc., that CCleaner will clean off the system. BE sure to tell her not to run the Registry cleaning component of CCleaner. Then have her run a SAS scan and email the log to you. Post the log back here. That will allow some further investigation before she quarantines things. Since she has already quarantined some 500 items, is her system still running okay? And are there any symptoms that Antivirus 360 is still present?
  5. Did you run SAS on the system...in SAFE MODE...to see if it can remove it? This link might help too. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/malware-removal/remove-antivirus-360
  6. I am also a Vista 64-Bit (Business) user with SAS PRO. Currently running SAS PRO realtime with Avira Premium Security Suite V8.2 and TrojanHunter's THGuard, SpywareBlaster, and HostsMan. No problems whatsoever. 100% agree with user xyz360400. Obviously I am looking forward to a 64-bit upgrade of SAS PRO when the developers get to it in their list of priorities.
  7. No, it does not have a virus scanner engine. It is a spyware/adware/malware program and is safe to run in conjunction with your anti-virus programs such as Norton, NOD32, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky, etc.
  8. During a pre-release, I just download the pre-release every day or so and then hover over the installer which then displays the version number. Nothing else...just a spot check on what is posted out on the "pre-release" server.
  9. SAS Pro V4.25.1012 pre-release is running/scanning well on my XP-SP3 32bit system and my Vista SP1 64bit system (with noted limitations for 64bit in SAS PRO) No problems noted as of yet.
  10. 1. Open SAS to the main window 2. Click on Manage Quarantine 3. Select the item that you want to unquarantine 4. Click on Restore 5. Repeat 3-4 for the next item to restore
  11. As expected, V4.25.1008 pre-release is running/scanning well on my XP-SP3 32bit system and my Vista SP1 64bit system (with noted limitations for 64bit in SAS PRO)
  12. Try logging out and then log back in. Does the SAS icon now appear? Icons disappearing randomly from the XP Notification Tray has been an issue with XP since day one. And there has never been a "fix" developed/issued that works on all systems. The problem frequently occurs on systems that load a lot of programs during the reboot. Staging the startup programs significantly reduces the occurrence. Also, turning off First Chance on startup may reduce the occurrence because it reduces the SAS activity on startup.
  13. SAS PRO V4.25.1006 appears to be running/scanning well on XP-SP3 with NIS 2009 and Vista SP1 (64-bit) Business with Avira Premium Security Suite. NOTE: SAS PRO has known limitations on 64-Bit systems.
  14. I suspect when Windows 7 is officially released next year, the SAS team will be ready for it.
  15. You might try uninstalling SAS using SASUNINST.exe and then re-installing V4.24.1004 fresh. Perhaps something did not go properly when SAS updated itself to 4.24.1004. https://www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST.EXE
  16. I'm using Vista SP1 64-bit Business with UAC active. My signon User Account is always an administrator account (not the full blown hidden one). I do use the Norton UAC tool to enhance the useability of UAC. I do not experience the issue you are describing. Are you signing on with a Limited User account? The Norton UAC utility may be of interest to you. Surely makes UAC more user friendly. http://www.nortonlabs.com/inthelab/uac.php
  17. I recommend that you let SAS quarantine all the items it has found per your log. Is there something specific in the log that concerns you as to whether it should be quarantined? Everything shown in the log needs to be quarantined. SAS "may" want to reboot after the quarantine. IF so, please reboot.
  18. The SAS log file is a .txt file. Just copy and paste it directly into your forum post. If it is a really long log, you may have to break it into 2 or more posts.
  19. Blocking third party cookies via the settings in your browser often reduces the tracking cookies significantly as well.
  20. Having recently completed the adventure of going from Vista 32-bit to Vista 64-bit, I understand what is going through your mind concerning third party programs. I run Avira Premium Security Suite and it works great on 64-bit. I would assume that the free version runs as well. The Avira forum should be able to answer any of your questions on it. It is my understanding that SAS PRO for 64-bit will surface soon. Malwarebytes free runs okay on 64 bit. However, there is no MBAM realtime available for 64-bit. TrojanHunter runs on 64-bit; however, it is not yet fully compatible with 64-bit. The scanner and realtime THGuard work fine. I'm not certain as to the development of TH for full 64-bit compatibility. There is a forum for Spybot S&D where you might find the answer concerning it. The overall problem is that not too many 3rd party programs exist that are true 64-bit. Perhaps this will change in future as it looks like several computer vendors are starting to push Vista 64-bit as their primary OS. You might be better served by asking specific questions on the various user forums for the products.
  21. edo, The latest official release is V4.23.1006
  22. Installation went smoothly after using SASUNIST.exe on XP-SP3. Scanned total system with no problems. Also running, with known restrictions, on Vista SP1 Business 64-bit. Did experience a Vista Sidebar shutdown during the first Complete system scan...first time the Sidebar bar has done this. Have run 2 complete scans subsequently with no problems. Sidebar error in Event Viewer pointed to ntdll.dll as the faulting module.
  23. Assuming that you are running Windows XP, do the following. It will cause the reboot to generate a BSOD instead of continuously reboot. The BSOD will show what driver or service is faulting. - Go to System>Advanced tab>Startup and Recovery Settings. - Uncheck "Automatically Restart" - Click on OK, Apply, OK and reboot into Normal Mode. For Vista: - Go to System>Advanced System Settings>Advanced tab>Startup and Recovery Settings - Uncheck Automatically Restart - Click on OK, Apply, OK and reboot into Normal Mode Once the BSOD occurs, write down the critical info concerning what drivers are causing the fault.
  24. The pre-Release V4.23.1006 is exactly the same as the final release; therefore no update is necessary.
  25. Your stance is fully, fully understood. The pre-release is running well on both XP-SP3 and Vista SP1 Business.
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