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  1. Just be aware that you will now never get a message, even when something - possibly malicious - is being added!
  2. Thanks geoff for explaining. However, doesn't unchecking this feature beat the purpose? I think it is important to know when a new item - that wasn't there before - has been added to the startup list.
  3. Laptop with Windows 8.1 here and everytime I install, update, or uninstall software, SAS says that something was added to the startup and advises to scan the computer. When I check the boot list with Sysinternals' Autoruns, nothing was added. Quite annyoing.
  4. Then why come here? Just for dropping names of competitors?
  5. The thing I like about SAS is that it's not bloatware and doesn't interfere, or slows down, with what I am doing.
  6. Perhaps stop playing online poker? Really, it comes with the territory...
  7. I like the way you put it and that you don't get hysterical. Way to go Robin!
  8. Although I am always a bit suspicious when software changes owner, I do think that Nick has proven to be trustworthy over the years. I have confidence in the future of SAS and it seems that congratulations are indeed in order for Nick and the SAS team.
  9. Consider it spam grandmere. I'm a longtime SAS user and I have never received an email from them with links in it, except when having contacted SAS support myself. It's good practice to be extremely cautious with unsolicited emails containing links.
  10. Congratulations Robin and with a bit of mazel tov you'll have 40 more years together. Very nice videos BTW.
  11. Yeah, I noticed it too this morning and it made me laugh. What a coincidence...
  12. Happy Holidays to the SAS Staff and the SAS users.
  13. Thanks! Maybe your Thanksgiving was as good *burp* as mine?
  14. Happy Birthday and I hope that there will be many more to follow.
  15. Hi! Well, if you are a false positive, in your case somebody who's not a SAS user, than you posted in the correct forum.
  16. Nightcap

    Re: hey

    Edit: Below is my response to a spam post that was removed by the moderators. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What about those tiny links in your signature? wow gold cheap wow gold buy wow goldyvangkwheng Looks a lot like spam to me.
  17. Susan, the man is a fraud in my book. If there was something critically wrong with his car wouldn't he fix it either? Maybe he is just making sure that he can keep cleaning infected systems at a regular basis. Greed can make people do terrible things. A Happy and malware free New Year!
  18. Me too Bart, so now I'm really stumped why you're not seeing those 4 buttons. Maybe someone else can explain that?
  19. jayt36, I restored the quarantined Backup NOW! DLL and the application is working again like always. Strange that a restore wouldn't work for you. Even if some registry values were deleted during the quarantine, restoring should put those back too. Glad you got it working again though.
  20. Bart, are you using the free version of SAS?
  21. Bart, when you go to Main Menu (click twice on the "bug" in the system tray) and click the "Manage Quarantine" button, you can see what files are in quarantine. In quarantine means that they are no longer in the folder they used to be, but kept in a "safe place" managed by SAS. If you really did delete the quarantined files, than there's no way for you to send them to SuperAntiSpyware or to restore them if they turn out to be false positives. In the case SAS finds a threat on my PCs, I always quarantine it and let it sit there until I'm absolutely sure it isn't a false positive. Files in quarantine don't pose a threat anymore so it's safe to keep them there. If it turns out to be a false positive I can easily restore the file(s) and there's no harm done to my computer. Nightcap
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