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  1. But in my case, SAS Pro didn't alert there was a program update available. Ya see, I rarely use my Admin acct.....maybe once every week or so. And that's why I thought 4.40.1002 was still beta (until you informed me it was no longer beta in the other thread). I was anticipating it WOULD offer the update when it was out of beta status. No problem....What counts is I got the update now. And with super efficient Win7 LUA's, I know I'm gonna have to Run as Admin to get my program updates. Still getting used to Win7.
  2. I experienced the exact same thing as you, JohnD. Wondered why SAS wasn't offering me the program update. Then I saw your post. I exited SAS today and Ran as Administrator under my LUA to get the program update offered to me. Glad I read your post. Thanks.
  3. SAS also works well alongside Avast5 Free Antivirus on my Win7 64bit machine.
  4. Thanks Seth. I'll store my disk away and hope I never have to actually use it.
  5. Can I infer from the deafening silence the answer to my question is yes and nobody could believe how dumb the question was? Guess I can just try it and find out the easy/hard way, huh?
  6. Getting a little more interesting today. Now, SAS won't populate the Repairs page unless I open/load the GUI in Safe Mode. The page is unpopulated on ALL accounts in Normal Mode. I wonder if this is a UAC issue in Win7? May have to turn it off and test that notion. Anyway, I'm glad I at least now I can get at these features in Safe Mode.
  7. Unless it was eluding these old eyes, I couldn't see on the download page if SAS Portable version is Win7-64 bit compatible or not.
  8. Gee, this just gets more interesting. When I log onto my Limited account and open SAS the repairs screen is blank; when I right click the desktop icon and Run as Administrator (still on the LUA) the Repairs screen is STILL BLANK! However if I log completely off the LUA and actually log onto my Administrator account, the SAS Repair screen is populated. So it would seem that the type of account is in the driver's seat here. That would say to me that being on an Administrator Account and Run as Administrator are NOT equal in SAS's eyes (or maybe I should say Win7x64 Home Premium's eyes). Hmmmmm.....interesting indeed. I thought those two things were synonymous.
  9. I have a website for Low-Carb Recipes if anyone's interested:


  10. That is interesting indeed. I just recently downloaded the blended installer and installed for the first time my Lifetime license of SAS Pro V4.38.1004 on a Win7 x64 machine and my Repairs page is blank! Wonder how come your Repairs screen is populated and mine is blank? BTW, Siliconman01....off-topic, but I used to have a miniature dachshund that looked almost EXACTLY like the one in your avatar: http://s217.photobucket.com/albums/cc278/buttonbutt/?action=view&current=thumb.jpg I did a double-take when I saw it!
  11. So glad to find this thread and hear that the new 64 bit version is playing nicely with MSE. I've been checking in here periodically to learn just this!! Looks like I can finally install my SAS Pro on my new HP 64 bit Win 7 machine. I've missed my SAS!
  12. No problems here running SAS Pro and IE8. Haven't run SpywareBlaster, Spybot or IE Spyad in ages, but I DO use the MVPS.org Hosts File. No conflicts whatsoever with IE8 or FX browsers.
  13. I've always noticed there is not red SAS icon to the left of the SAS context menu entry when I right click a d/l file to scan it. Just curious as to why? I also notice there is only a generic icon beside my bookmark entry for SAS website as well? And yet there is the familiar SAS icon on the Start Menu entry.
  14. Well, the Windows Help & Support forum helpers haven't offered a single reply as yet. But all of a sudden this morning.......BINGO!!!! I found my problem. I took a look at my Comodo Defense+ (HIPS feature) events for a week or so and saw that Comodo was terminating csrss.exe at every single boot up. Why? Don't know much about csrss.exe, but Wikipedia tells me it is what controls the user side of Windows Operating System, which certainly sounded like it might be related to my user profile (explorer.exe for a particular logged-on user) not closing down at log off. I learned it's a critical system file that should NEVER be terminated lest you want a BSOD!! Well, no BSOD's yet, thank God, but did have some anomalous system instability two weeks ago. But why was Comodo terminating a system file when all Windows files are considered sacrosanct by Comodo? Hmmmmmm.............So I started poking around at all my D+ rules in Comodo settings, particularly my explorer.exe application rule. VOILA! There was my answer!! Apparently, as a security measure on my part, I had set up my explorer.exe D+ rule to protect the file from "Process Termination" (just by malware, or so I thought). But it doing that, I was also not letting WinXP's csrss.exe properly close down explorer.exe at logoff either! The minute I undid that aspect of the rule, Comodo stopped terminating csrss.exe at bootup/logoff. That has stopped the multiple copies of explorer.exe I've been experiencing at logoff lately!!! YIPPEEE!!!!! I figured it out all by myself! The 1517 & 1524 events in Windows Event Viewer have also stopped. Hope posting back my findings may help someone else.
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