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  1. I am unsure as to why it is not removing them . SAS was the ONLY thing a few months ago that could remove all of it from everywhere after a reboot . Strange it is not removing them from your system . I wish I could help . Does it not ask to reboot when finished to remove ? If not , I would still reboot after removal . After that , I do not know but , hopefully you will get some help from the Admin shortly . The Pro version will block alot just like an Antivirus or Antitrojan would . Lifetime means LIFETIME EVERYTHING . Updates , versions , the whole nine yards . Money well spent !
  2. I have the same problem . I asked support and I was referred to the FAQs page . You are correct . They have the fix for Vista Pro and Group Editing but , not for XP Home . Or , for Vista Home . Figured I would come in here to look for help . Glad to see someone else saw this and it is not just me .
  3. Nick is as kind as they come . And what a GREAT program !! Thank you for making it so good and continuing it's development !!!
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