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  1. for some reason, which i have not yet been able to figure out, when i run the updater, the new build 4.24 is not downloaded and installed.. i guess i am going to have to uninstall the old build and then install the new one.. i can't fine a changelog for the new build(?)..
  2. i agree with "ringman".. the two programs are similar in the malware that they flag and i assume that, like SAS, malwarebytes uses "execution-protection".. in other words, i think the two programs overlap each other, so i would only use one, or the other, for realtime-protection.. but, suit yourself..
  3. jay, do you still have the log-file from when you did the scan? if so, post it.. try running a scan with SAS while in "safe mode"..
  4. i have heard that, at least in some cases, scanning in safe mode can help, if you are dealing with rootkits.. i am familiar with a recent case where someone could not get rid of the malware on their computer until they did a scan with SAS while in safe mode..
  5. the one thing that i don't like is the stupid "save" button.. when i am trying to post, i always inadvertently click the "save" button instead of clicking the "submit" button..
  6. len, you could try doing a scan while running in "safe mode".. maybe that will allow the infection to be properly removed.. to boot into "safe mode", reboot the computer and press the "F8" key as the computer is booting up.. that should give you a DOS-looking screen.. then follow the prompts for booting into safe mode..
  7. thanks for the help, greyghost.. i have been using SSM (system safety monitor) for a couple of years and it has never caused a problem for me.. it is not SSM that is blocking the driver from loading, it is "windows" that is blocking it from loading, when SAS is running within a limited-user account, due to the way that SAS is designed.. SAS is simply not designed in such a way as to be able to load the SASENUM.SYS driver when it is being run within a limited-user account.. or, the problem might not be that the program is not designed for it, but that the program does not install properly, installing "for current user only" instead of installing "for all users".. i imagine that nick is working on fixing the problem.. i hope so, anyway.. i tried changing the "permissions" for the whole SAS folder, in c/program files, but, surprisingly, that didn't help.. incidentally, it was the SSM program that alerted me to the fact that the SASENUM.SYS driver was not loading, when logging into my limited-user account.. SSM alerts me when SAS is loading the driver, unless i make a permanent rule for allowing it.. i noticed that i was not getting the alert when logging into my limited-user account.. also, SAS has a feature which shows the status of all the drivers on my computer, whether they are running, or not, so i can see when the driver is, and isn't, running..
  8. the problem has always existed, with SAS build 4.x, on my computer.. i think that maybe the problem is caused by SAS build 4.x's not installing "for all users", but installing "for current user only", instead, even though i select "install for all users" when installing the program.. does the SASENUM.SYS driver need to be loaded in order for SAS to have any effective realtime protection? what is the SASENUM.SYS driver for? if i boot up my computer and log in to my administator account, the SAS program will load the SASENUM.SYS driver, and if i then log out of the adminstrator account and log in to my limited user account, the SASENUM.SYS driver continues running.. however, if i boot up my computer and then log in to my limited user account, SAS fails to load the SASENUM.SYS driver.. i am running win xpsp3, kerio 2.15, antivir, and "system safety monitor"..
  9. when i am using SAS in a user-account that has "limited user" priviledges, in windows xp, the program fails to load its "SASENUM.SYS" driver.. if i am using SAS in a user-account that has "administrator priviledges", then the program will load its "SASENUM.SYS" driver.. what is the "SASENUM.SYS" driver for? does the SAS program still have any real realtime protection when it fails to load the "SASENUM.SYS" driver, when using SAS in a user-account that has "limited-user" priviledges?
  10. "spyware doctor" could be flagging some "IRC" program that is not really malware, which could explain why SAS is not flagging it..
  11. it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to adjust the scan-settings.. for example, if it says "ignore non-executable files", and you want it to scan non-executable files, uncheck the box for "ignore non-executable files".. on my computer, when i do a full scan, it takes about 6 minutes just to scan the registry.. then another 10 minutes to scan the files.. (i am only using about 4.1 gigs, on my harddrive).. as far as detecting malware, in my opinion, you can have confidence in the program, despite what some of the magazine articles say.. i think that adding detections for new malware is one thing that SAS does well.. however, you can also scan with other programs, too, if you want to.. i scan with several different programs.. if you find that SAS is missing malicious files that other reputable programs are flagging, then you would have place to question its effectiveness..
  12. can SAS pro, with its "realtime protection", be used, effectively, when running as a "limited user"? i notice that when i run SAS pro in my administrator account, it loads the driver "SASENUM.SYS", but that "SASENUM.SYS" does not load when i run SAS in a limited user account, which concerns me.. the reason that i say that SAS does not load the SASENUM.SYS driver when i am running as a limited user is because two programs that i use alert me when SAS is loading the SASENUM.SYS driver.. i see the alerts when running SAS within an administrator account, but not when i am running SAS within a limited user account.. i would like to know what function "SASENUM.SYS performs, then i can make an informed decision about whether or not it matters that SAS cannot manage to load "SASENUM.SYS" when it is run in a limited user account.. p.s. i wish that SAS would add detections for some test files so that we could verify that the program is functioning properly.. it seems like it would be simple for SAS to add detections for a test file.. update: i think that the problem with SAS's failing to load SASENUM.SYS when running SAS in a limited user account might be due to its not installing properly for "all users", but, instead, installing for "current user only"..
  13. if you want to get "tracking cookies" you need to turn cookie-blocking off and then surf the internet.. those cookies that you have ("barnes and noble", "amazon", "digg.com") might not be considered "tracking cookies".. also, if you use "spywareblaster", you might need to remove its cookie-blocking, too..
  14. nick, i didn't think that my firewall was the problem, but when i disabled my firewall, SAS was able to update, properly.. the problem was that i am blocking "theplanet", ip address-range -, and SAS's updater tries to connect to multiple ip addresses, there.. i block "theplanet" because there is lots of malware, and other "criminal activity", there.. as for others who have been having problems with updating SAS, maybe there were problems with the servers at "theplanet" at the time: http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/06/01/1715247 i wish SAS would use someone other than "theplanet" to host SAS updates.. if SAS's updater only connected to one ip address there, i could handle that, but, when i ran SAS's updater, it connected to multiple ip addresses, there, which makes it difficult for me to create custom firewall-rules for downloading the updates, while still blocking "theplanet", as a whole..
  15. i keep a google-cookie on my computer (among several others, which also are not flagged) and none of the antimalware-programs that i use flag it.. i don't think it is considered to be a "malicious tracking cookie", and that that is why it is not flagged.. so, no, the SAS-program's not flagging a google-cookie doesn't mean that the program isn't working.. if you want to test, you need real "tracking cookies".. p.s. maybe someone else, who uses "firefox", can tell you if SAS flags "tracking cookies", in firefox.. i don't use firefox..
  16. sorry.. i missed the part about the cookies.. if you wanted to test to see if SAS flags cookies, you could allow some cookies onto your computer, for testing, without much risk.. i would think that SAS would flag the cookies, but you could test, to see.. to answer your question, SAS has said, in the past, that the reason that they don't flag any test-files is "because SAS is not a HIPS program", but that is a false argument: a program does not have to be a HIPS program in order to flag a test file, the same way that it would flag any other file...
  17. to add to my previous posts, here, i uninstalled the "old" version of SAS and then installed the new "SAS build 4.15".. during the installation-process, i was prompted to update the program, to run the updater, which i did.. then, when the installation process was finished and the program began running, i got an "update reminder", again prompting me to run the updater, and saying that "SAS had not been updated in 47 days".. however, when i tried to run the updater, again, i got the same error that has been mentioned.. i went ahead and adjusted the preference-settings, closed SAS.. restarted SAS-with the SAS icon running in the systray, ran the updater, again (from the SAS-icon's menu), and it worked, that time.. i am running SAS-pro.. update: i started SAS (which only showed the icon running in the systray), clicked "scan", in the icon's menu, to open the GUI.. then i clicked "check for updates" and got the same "error" that has been mentioned.. if i run the updater from the SAS icon's menu, i don't get the error..
  18. rico, if you are using "internet explorer", IE has a "cookie manager" ("IE/tools/options/privacy").. in the "privacy" settings, if you set the settings to "block third-party cookies", that should block most "tracking cookies", if not all of them..
  19. SAS, the vendor, does not provide for testing to see if the SAS program functions properly, unlike every other antimalware-vendor.. SAS does not have detection-rules for properly flagging and handling any test files.. SAS says that if you want to test to see if the program is functioning properly, you should (somehow) manage to find some malware and run it on your computer, and then see how the SAS program handles it.. the problem, there, is that SAS is NOT intended to flag every type of malware, or every malware-sample, like viruses, for example, which, supposedly, are handled by your antivirus program.. so, to test SAS, if you want to test it, first, you need to be prepared to reformat, after running malware-samples on your computer, to test SAS, and, second, you have to, somehow, manage to, one way or another, acquire malware-samples that SAS has detection-rules for.. edited
  20. nothing on my computer is blocking SAS-files from running.. however, i understand that that can be a problem.. SAS's updating-process works fine as long as i have "show superantispyware icon in the system tray" checked..
  21. for what it is worth, i will share my experience.. first, i have "SAS pro build 4.x".. after reading this post, i ran the updater and i saw the same problem! i had not had any problems with updating SAS, before this.. (i have had SAS pro build 4.x installed for a few days) however, note that i had "start superantispyware when windows starts" and "show superantispyware icon in the system tray" UNCHECKED.. i did not have these options unchecked, before, when i was not having problems with updating SAS.. when i saw the problem, i was running the updater from within a limited user account, so i tried running the update from within an administrator account, to see if that made a difference, but it didn't.. then, i re-enabled both "start superantispyware when windows starts" and "show superantispyware icon in system systray", and then, after doing that, the updater ran successfully.. apparently, on my computer, at least, unchecking "show superantispyware icon in the system tray" makes the difference between the updater's functioning properly and not functioning properly..
  22. i notice that when i boot my computer into my administrator account, if i start SAS manually, i get an alert (from another program) saying that "services is about to load SASENUM.SYS".. however, if i boot into my limited user account and start SAS manually, i don't see the same alert.. it i then log out of my limited user account and then log in to my administrator account, and start SAS, i see the alert, again, "services is about to load SASENUM.SYS".. i tested this a few times.. i tried changing the "permissions" for the SAS folder, in "c/program files", to see if then i would see the alert about "services is about to load SASENUM.SYS", when i start SAS from within my limited user account, but i still didn't see it.. i do see it if i log out of my limited user account and login to my administrator account, and start SAS.. so, it looks like "SASENUM.SYS" is not able to run from within a limited user account, at least it doesn't appear to run from within a limited user account.. i don't know what "SASENUM.SYS" is for, or if the SAS program functions properly when run from within a limited user account, when "SASENUM.SYS" does not appear to load.. SAS, the vender, does not allow for testing the SAS program to see if it is functioning properly, not without deliberately running malware on one's computer, so i am not able to test to see if SAS functions properly from within a limited user account, or not.. when i say that SAS, the vendor, unlike every other vendor, does not allow for testing the SAS program, i mean that they don't have detections for any test files.. instead, SAS, the vendor, says to run malware on one's computer, to see how SAS handles it (instead of being able to run a test file, like the "eicar" test file, to see how SAS handles it).. like 99% of people, i don't want to run malware on my computer just to see how a program like SAS handles it.. maybe SAS, the vendor, can tell me if "SASENUM.SYS" has any real, useful purpose? maybe it doesn't matter if it won't "load" when SAS is run from within a limited user account? (i am referring to "SAS pro", with its realtime protection) since it appears that "SASENUM.SYS" will not load when SAS is run from within a limited user account, and since there is no way for me to test the SAS program, with a test-file, to see if it is functioning properly, i am not currently using SAS's "realtime-protection".. however, if SAS, the vendor, says that it doesn't make any difference whether or not "SASENUM.SYS" is loaded, then i would suppose that it is OK to use the program's (supposed) realtime-protection, when one is running in a limited user account? here is am image, showing what i see when i start SAS, manually, when i am running in my administrator account.. i don't see the same alert, "services is about to load SASENUM.SYS", when i start SAS from within my limited user account (when booting up and then logging in to my limited user account and then starting SAS, manually).. note that i will only see the alert when i initially start SAS, after booting up and logging into my administrator account.. if i close SAS, and then restart it, i don't see the same alert a second time.. maybe a workaround for this problem would be to first boot into an administrator account, allowing "SASENUM.SYS" to load, and then switching to a limited user account? i don't know if "SASENUM.SYS" would continue running, and functioning properly, when the user is running as a limited user, or not, in such a case..
  23. dramroo, maybe you are using a "HOSTS" file to block access to "bad" websites and that is what is blocking it.. check your "HOSTS" file.. or, maybe you are using something else that blocks access to "bad" websites..
  24. zip, i think that you should go ahead and try SAS pro.. you should be able to install it and run it for free, for a trial period, and then you can see for yourself how things go.. i don't think the pro version will use any more memory than what you say that you are seeing used when the free version is running.. also, i don't think that having 512 mb of memory would be a problem.. i only have 512 mb of memory..
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