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  1. dadkins

    Been a while...

    Sup hayc59! Yeah, AFT DSLR added it, eh?
  2. dadkins

    Been a while...

    Hey fatdcuk! Yeah, I still get around on the web... Hope you are well! EDIT: Typo
  3. ... thought I would stop by and re-thank Nick for a kickbutt AS application! Still working fine on my newest laptop!
  4. If I miss a few updates, did I miss some signatures or are updates complete? Thanks! David
  5. To all: Cookies are irrelavent! I have 1200+ cookies on each of these machines(IE) and god knows how many in Opera. *IF* SUPER, or any other scanner, doesn't like a few cookies... no biggie! They will re-appear when I surf back to those sites. Cookies are simple txt files(in IE) and cannot do anything. No code in them that can "run". No calling home, no sending personal info/surfing habits. I have a few "bad" cookies excluded on these machines... for auto-login purposes. Gamespy, Real, etc... Scan every night if cookies bother you, or just set your browser to delete cookies when closed. No worries! David
  6. dadkins

    New Machine

    Well, of course! Just installed SAS 3.5, running like a Champ! Keep up the Good Work!
  7. dadkins

    New Machine

    Purchased a new laptop 1-1-2007. Sony VGN-AR190G, it's a monster! You *KNOW* I'm putting SUPER on here! Hope everything in SUPER land is great in this New year! Well, gotta go, ~124GB of HDD space left and I have an insane connection... LOL! Take care all! David
  8. I've been here before... I think... Weird RT issue with the Pre-Release... https://forums.superantispyware.com/view ... ?p=805#805
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