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  1. I have used SAS Pro in real time with Avira, F-Secure, and KIS. I have not experienced any conflict. I also run MBAM real time and it does not conflict with SAS. Regards, Jerry
  2. I am having a similar problem with W XP. I am not sure it doesn't start, but SAS does not appear in the tray. If I uncheck "Start with Windows," "Apply" then go through it again with checking to start with Windows it does OK for a day or so. Then it reverts to the same problem. It is checked to appear in the tray. This is only true for my laptop. It runs and starts OK on my desktop. Other applications running are KIS2010, MBAM, and Win Patrol. When I installed KIS it removed SAS, but after the installation I reinstalled SAS without problems. Regards, Jerry
  3. This AM I installed SAS Pro again. My system is running KIS 2010, Win Patrol Pro, and MBAM real time. Except for a warning when the installer kicked in all went well with the installation, and KIS did not make any warnings. For the first three restarts the SAS icon did not appear in the tray, but it smoothed out, and all is well now. SAS updated to the latest version without incident. So I did not have the same problem I did before, and must conclude that there are no conflicts with KIS at this point. I am very pleased that it is the case. Question: I now am running both SAS and MBAM in real time. If there is an attempted penetration by malware will there be a conflict between the two programs as might be the case with two AVs? It might be better to use one real time and the other for on-demand scans. I have never had a problem running both together, but never had an attempted penetration.Thanks for the help. On the 2010 list of KIS incompatible programs that will be deleted is SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition I am going to post my experience on that forum. Probably won't accomplish anything, but worth letting others know. http://usa.kaspersky.com/support/home/i ... 208280127/ If I have problems with SAS I will report them here. Regards, Jerry
  4. Using Avira with SAS I did not find any conflict, although Avira said there was. Maybe I got that from the Avira forum, but not sure. The only way I am sure that there is some conflict with KIS is that when I install either KIS or SAS there is a system freeze. It does not experience the same with F-Secure IS which I was using until a few day ago. I am just a user, and not too sharp with computers. Accordingly I try to find out what the makers like KIS or whatever I am using say about conflicts. After that I see what I experience when I run them together. If I have problems with one AV #1 and SAS, but not AV #2 then why can I not conclude there is some conflict between AV #1 and SAS? What I wish is that reasonable actions be taken to resolve the problem. I know you are interested in such, but maybe Kaspersky is not. Tomorrow I am going to reinstall SAS Pro on my laptop, which experienced the freezing, and see if it exist when I have KIS installed first. If all is OK then I will do the same on my main machine. I'll post here the results. Regards, Jerry
  5. I really hope that you are successful. I did have KIS on my systems a few months ago and ran SAS Pro alongside it. It did not give me any problem then so I can't imagine what the problem is. SAS is too good a security program to not use. Maybe I should give it another try with KIS installed and see if KIS objects. Best, Jerry
  6. Many thanks to All. I did not experience any slowdown either. Regards, Jerry
  7. Many thanks, siliconman01. I thought there had to be a way to do it. I sure do wish KIS and SAS Pro did not conflict. Regards, Jerry
  8. With the conflicts between SAS and KIS if I had an infection and wanted to run a scan with SAS could I do that without uninstalling KIS? How about Safe Mode? Thanks, Jerry
  9. I installed KIS 2010 today, and it uninstalled SAS. When all is finished and updated I intend to reinstall SAS Pro. As previously stated KIS did not uninstall MBAM. I tried to reinstall and update SAS Pro, but the system froze on the update. It had previously frozen when trying to update KIS. I decided to go back to Avira and PC Tools firewall. Evidently KIS doesn't get along with anything or at least almost anything. Regards, Jerry
  10. I now have lifetime licenses for both and for both computers. I think I am pretty well fixed to run them alongside my AVs. Regards, Jerry
  11. He had used SAS in an attempt to clean antivir, and it did help, but did not get it all. When he would attempt to go on the internet he got a large pop up that his computer was infected and he needed to buy the rogue. It had prevented him from getting his mail, and prevented downloads. This morning I took a CD with MBAM and we put it on his computer. Without an update we ran a quick scan and it detected and completely removed antivir. So he is OK now. Thanks for the advice and help. Regards, Jerry
  12. I had updated when the change was available for the update. As of now all is well, and hopefully there won't be a conflict. Although it did not make sense to me here is the information from their knowledge base. http://www.avira.com/en/support/kbdetails.php?id=541 Subject Side-effects with the software "Super Antispyware" Description If you use the software "Super Antispyware" and install AntiVir WebGuard, you may have problems with your Internet access. The access to Internet websites is slowed down considerably, due to the combination of the two modules, and it can even lead to blocking. Thus we recommend uninstalling this software and having trust in AntiVir's Adware and Spyware detection, so that your Internet traffic and WebGuard would work normally. Thanks, and have a Blessed Christmas, Jerry
  13. There were problems with internet access if I remember correctly and here is an answer I got from the Avira forum today. "These two programs will create some conflicts, because they both come with a real time scanner." My own problem was when SAS Pro started the system froze for 2 or so minutes. I decided to start it with Windows. The first time I started the system the desktop did not load and the system just sat there until I shut off power. It worked OK the next start, but the following start did the same thing. As a result I uninstalled SAS. I have installed SAS Pro again yesterday and it has not done that again. My AV running with it is Avira Premium. Avira recommends that SAS not be used with it, but did not find the details that I saw the other day. On my desktop I am using F-Secure IS and SAS Pro is doing OK. Regards, Jerry
  14. I found the original sales information and license number so all is well. However, the Support did respond and was working with me when I discovered my paperwork. Thanks. Closed. Regards, Jerry
  15. Yes, the rogue is using a good name. So far I have not found anyone that claims an AV will detect and remove it. I think SAS and MBAM should, but he used SAS and it did not completely remove it. After reboot the pop up continues, but far fewer. I have decided to run either MBAM or SAS along with my AVs. MBAM is next to try. Thanks for the link. Regards, Jerry
  16. Thanks, that is helpful. So far SAS is running well alongside Avira Premium. My biggest problem was slow down and freezing when SAS opened. So far so good. Regards, Jerry
  17. I found that there have been conflicts with SAS and Avira. Is this still the case or have updates fixed the conflict problems? Thanks, Jerry
  18. Since my friend got infected by Antivir I have been asking on the forums if any AV or suite will intercept and prevent that malware from infecting the computer. So far no AV has claimed to be able to do so. I have read that SAS (along with MBAM) can recognize, block and prevent infection. Is this true if it is running full time? I'd 'kinda like to hear it from the "horse's mouth," Thanks, Jerry
  19. Thanks, Seth. I did so, and appreciate the help. Regards, Jerry
  20. Not much help so far. Is it not possible? Thanks, Jerry
  21. I was having problems with my SAS Pro, and decided to uninstall and reinstall. I could not find the license number, and hoped that the uninstall would leave something that when I reinstalled the license would be retrieved. No such luck. How can I get the license? I am pretty sure that the email address I used has been changed. Thanks, Regards, Jerry
  22. We detect harmful and password stealing keyloggers, but not general keyloggers as many are used by businesses, etc. Thanks, Nick. I should have remembered that since you had stated such in the past. Regards, Jerry
  23. How well does SAS Pro handle keyloggers? Are keyloggers especially to detect or remove in real time? What about an on demand scan? Thanks, Jerry
  24. KIS should recognize the MD5/fingerprint of the file has not changed, and if the user trusts it, it should not alert over and over. I agree that it should, but evidently there is some problem that won't be fixed until V8. Here is a thread on KL forums that addresses that issue. You are probably familiar with it already. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?sh ... =46592&hl= Thanks, Jerry
  25. When I activate SAS Pro, there is an alert from KIS that an executable file has been changed. There is also an alert after updating. I understand that there will be no fix until KIS 8. I am somewhat surprised that there has been no fix, but I admit I do not know who should and could fix it. Any comments? Regards, Jerry
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