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  1. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I found out why I've been unable to run scans with SUPERAntispyware Pro without getting chkdsk on restart. Nothing has to be found during the scan, and chkdsk makes changes to your files. Other people are having this problem with RBX Pro [not with your program but others]. There is a new release coming out next month and hopefully will fix this. I have to quit running scans until it's fixed, or keep switching back to an earlier snapshot after each canceled chkdsk. It's a pain, but I like how RBX works and I won't be without SUPERAntispyware.
  2. Obviously a very poor choice of words on my part. Was tired and frustrated at the time and didn't stop and think what the consequences of the remarks might have. Glad you understand. BS
  3. Hi Nick, I agree. The problem seems to be caused by ProSecurity. Probably should go to his forum and see if he can figure it out. Once the beta version of OA starts using the kernel, I may decide not to use PS anymore. Sorry for the bother. BS
  4. Hi Nick, Was able [through blurry eyes] to run some test this morning before I had to go for an appointment. Will try to recreate what happened. Used version 3.3.1020 because thats what I still had on. First of all, I have the beta version on Online Armor with the anti virus and firewall, the paid version of ProSecurity [usually running in learning mode], SUPERAntispyware, and Rollback RX all running real time. Uninstalled OA and ran S.A.S fast scan. Rebooted and no problems. Disabled learning mode on ProSecurity [now normal mode] and ran fast scan again. Rebooted and received error message "windows product activation, a problem is prevention windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error Code 0x80070005". Couldn't get into windows so I went to safe mode and turned learning mode back on. Rebooted and received same error message. Back into safe mode and ununstalled ProSecurity. Windows booted normally. Tried to reinstall ProSecurity twice with no success. Received error message "failed to load driver - error code:2, PS can't communicate with kernel driver". Went back to an earlier snapshot to get ProSecurity running again. Will keep running SUPPERAntispyware just not use the scan for now. By the way, this wasn't the same error message I had been getting. Will try to recreate that one when I have more time. BS
  5. Sorry Nick, but I don't believe I mentioned this in any other forum I frequent. Have to go to a Christmas party right now so I will reproduce it later and take better notes.
  6. Have had to stop using Superantispyware Pro for the first time since it came out. I can't figure out what the problem is with the scans. For about the last month, either scan [even safe mode] caused windows to have to repair errors on reboot. This morning, after downloading the new version, if I had not been able to go back to an earlier snapshot, it would have been a real disaster for me. I am a beta test for Online Armor+AV w/FW, but like I said, it even happens in safe mode, Also using ProSecurity, but temporarily uninstalled it and still had problems. BS
  7. Nice to see your forums is up and running, Nick! Hope to learn as much as I can about Superspyware in the months ahead. Are you still going to answer questions and try to "turn the other check" to some of the people you have been dealing with in other forums?
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