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  1. Are there any issues with running adblock plus with Superadblocker that any one is aware of.
  2. [quote name= Is bitdefender detecting the false positives or is SUPERAntiSpyware? If SAS is' date=' are you reporting them so we can see what is going on? We have had little to no F/P's reported recently.[/quote] these are from the bitdefender online scanner. i have not encountered any false positives from SAS. sorry perhaps in reflection this thread was not the correct place to mention this . As its not SAS that is finding the F/P
  3. there are so many f/ps with bitdefender online scan and Superantispyware. (im using the new version 3.2.1016) The default settings for bitdefender try to disenfect then if that fails it deletes. not sure what the end results would be but it perhaps could make Superantispyware less effective.
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